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What I’m going to ask is for a real pilot or someone that really knows.Does a pilot that flies in an aircraft really see what we see when we start our decent ,do they really see what we se with the red box’s to tell you are going to fast and the blue ones apparently telling that we are going the right speed.My cousin flew Kennedy and Johnson in a Boing 707 ,I’m not sure the 707 had a hud or not,I would appreciate your comments,Thanks

Not sure what the blue and red boxes are but are they some visual cue outside the aircraft in game? When we do descents in real life we don’t see anything out the windows except clouds or ground or both. Some airplanes have HUD, but the jets I fly do not so I can’t answer what is seen on newer HUD systems. From cruise, the descent is done with VNAV when able and other than that, math in our head and speed is our discretion (which is usually as fast as we can go up to max Mach or never exceed speed) unless a STAR (Arrival) has a speed restriction over a certain fix.

Assuming the red box you’re talking about is the barber pole (or red line in planes with a 6-pack) indicating Vne, yes - all planes have that. Are you sure that blue box is for speed and not altitude? There’s a teal box indicating where the altitude bug is set. Not all planes have autopilot and not all avionics systems look the same, but in planes with that avionics system - yes, you’d see the blue box.

707 did not have a HUD or glass cockpit, just gauges.

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Not a real pilot. Sounds like you have Assistance feature for landing guidance turned on. I used it a couple of times to improve my landings. Real world pilots do not see the red and blue guidance arrows outside the aircraft.

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