Any plans for Paraglider/Paramotor aircraft?

I fly paramotors IRL and wondered how/if they could be modelled in MSFS. Does anyone know if there are plans to create a paraglider or paramotor aircraft? I think it would be fun.

Here’s my IRL paramotor channel

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I want to second your request. I owned and flew a paraglider for over a year, but gave it up when our second child was born. Always wanted to parameter, but too chicken…lol .
So I got VR and built a paramotor sim with FSX and Flyinside . It’s awesome . I could send pix. You’re seated in a hammock-like swing and use handles on pulllies to control a joystick which controls the paramotor which was created by this guy Franz Luftfahrt. Did you use with fsx ? I really hope this and a ultralight can return to fs2020.


Awesome please send pics!

Quite often what I’ll do now is plan a paramotor flight and then do it in MS Flight Sim in the Cessna 152 so I know what to look for and then to it IRL.