Any plans to introduce autogen draw distance slider?

So now with SU5, is it possible to add a draw distance slider for the autogen that is independent from the level of details slider?

Indeed: in one of the Dev update twitches there was some talk about a mode beyond the current Ultra. A kind of Super Hyper Ultra mode. After that it became silent.
We’ve seen people here tweaking with their user config, but not everybody wants to modify these files, as this does not seem to be supported.
What are the plans and what may we expect from this?

This is a HUGE topic and can be easily measured by the amount of threads since SU5 launched. I truly hope Asobo is pushing forward on this as it’s crucial, in my opinion.

To be very clear, we’re asking for LOD and draw distances to be improved via a slider for those of us who have high-end rigs. Buildings and scenery do not render properly unless you’re literally a mile away or over the top of the building/skyline.


Good question. Maybe even more general about SUPER ULTRA levels for other options would be great. For example, photogrammetry draw distance separated from autogen draw distance. They spoke about it last time so there must be something in design already or testing.

And please make the sliders available in the VR graphics settings section too for guys like me who only fly in VR. Thank you.


Sure hope others see this and vote since it was literally the biggest topic of frustration and complaints from SU5. We need sliders… an ULTRA+ mode, graphics sliders, no culling, etc.

Hope people will vote for this topic as it directly affects enjoyment of the product.

I wonder if there’s a better way to render autogen/buildings at a distance instead of placing objects in the sim. Maybe some kind of mask, shader or whatever- some kind of happy medium where we see something that fills up the screen in the distance, but not necessarily crystal clear detail that we need for a few miles. Beyond that it could be more generic and still look good imo. It would certainly be better than the empty spaces we have now.