Any plans to update the default airbus a320?


Are there any plans to update the default a320 or at least to make more of the functions work within the cockpit and the flight computer, as it does not look like us pilots on the xbox are getting the flybywire mod anytime soon.

I’m pretty sure Asobo won’t do anything with the stock a320.
So the best bet would be to get FBW into the Marketplace again. But this is not a decision done by MS/Asobo but by the FBW guys, when they’ll publish a release for the Marketplace again.

Unfortunately like I said I am on the xbox and I don’t think we will see the flybywire mod for sometime, so the least they can do is improve the basic a320 for us

My comment was explicitly talking about the Marketplace, which of course includes xbox.

If you think Asobo spends any more work into the stock a320, you’ll be disappointed.
It’s SO far behind the FBW, whatever they do it’ll be wasted time, knowing that it’s totally possible to have FBW in a much better state once it’s back on the Marketplace.

I’d rather have them help FBW to bring it back to the Marketplace and Controller-compatible than spend any minute on implementing anything that FBW already did in a much better way.