Any possibility to disable the “end of flight” screen?

After shutting down your aircraft, the sim pauses the flight and shows the logbook. If you click continue you can go back to the flight but it won’t be logged anymore.

From day one I never understood how or why it’s beneficial to anyone to view that popup or to do anything with it at all. What I’d suggest is that the developers add an option in the Assistance section to either enable or disable it. Those who like/want it could keep it enabled. And for those who wanna shut down the aircraft realistically could disable it.


And of course still allow for the flight to be logged.


Or at least an interim fix so that if you press “continue” the flight is still automatically logged.


Or maybe it could just be an option - a toggle in the settings.

it is so annoying that this interrupts you from proper shutdown-procedures!

ASOBO, PLEASE give us an option to disable this!!!


Depends who you ask I suppose. Personally I have 0 interest in a virtual logbook. Been playing this game for over a year now, looked into the stats only once when browsing through the menus.


… reminds me of a long winded discussion of the ALT+F4 system shutdown function.
ALT+F4 is a (reserved) default keyboard MENU assignment …
Alt+F4 Closes the sim without any warning! - Bugs & Issues / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

God yes. So ■■■■ annoying to be shutting down then have this window popup. Asobo seem to like intrusive UI.


Yes please! Maybe just a notification popping up that gives you the option to review that screen if you want.

Definitely needs to be an option, BUT we may need a way to signal MSFS that we have ended one flight and are starting another, so it is recorded as two separate entries in the logbook.

Could be automated based on ground speed etc. but there will be edge cases where a ‘touch and go’ gets counted as separate flights, or future helicopter flight logs don’t work correctly, so another solution may be needed besides just “disable the pop-up”.

That could still be avionics shut off + 0kts on ground. But I’d prefer the logbook when I go back to the menu. It could list all my flights I did then.

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While I appreciate the intent of the End of Flight screen, it does disrupt the experience for many sim pilots.

It’s intention, as I interpret it, is to close out the mission where ASOBO is kind of assuming that the player is flying A to B ( or Start to Engine Off ) as the entirety of the experience. It’s very much a game mechanic and not a simulation mechanic. For a casual gamer, maybe that makes sense. For a serious sim pilot this can be frustrating.

I would suggest de-coupling flight logging from this Mission Completion popup completely. Let the sim continuously log Takeoffs and Landings until the end of the current SESSION (e.g. going to Main Menu). The End of Flight popup could be triggered by the USER when they decide it is time to go back to the Main Menu, thus voluntarily ending the SESSION. A config could easily be available to hide the popup, without affecting the logging process. The logs just start listening at SESSION creation and keep going until SESSION end.

( I have flown many touch n go cycles, but not been credited for them. : / )

Just my 2¢ as a developer. :slight_smile:


Just get rid of it and provide an option to opt out of the WHOLE logbook process.

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Continue = flight logged

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I’d love a little notification like the XBOX Achievements one. That way you can still click on it to go back to the menu or smth, but it doesn’t block the screen.

Seems many love it and many hate it. So a simple solution - make it optional so that everyone is happy.


Same here, I don’t care if it logs or not. I have never looked at the log book. I only see my total hours in the main menu because its in my face.

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“Push any key to start” flashback ahhhh


Is there a possibility to disable the end of the flight screen? - Martial: the rest of the flight should also
be logged into the logbook; this will need to be fixed and it is logged as a bug.