Any “Press any key to start” 3rd party devs?

I do agree with you. These guys whining to get this keystroke removed are the first to vehemently claim a keystroke to bypass the scrolling of the credits when there is such a feature.

Because some of us know how to put in a more interesting or more entertaining video. I launch the sim, then go pour a soda (or something a little more “adult”) while the MS/Asobo/Blackshark logos pass by. When I come back, I’m greeted by something much more pleasing to the eye that I can watch for a few seconds before tapping the space bar to continue on. If that goes away, honestly, I’ll probably feel a tiny bit disappointed.

Holy cow you people are dense. Can you not spot sarcasm? Y’all are discussing this like this is a friggin serious thread… :rofl:

Who need Microsoft

You’re absolutely right. Its not a chore. But it is a waste of time. If the PAK was to occur AFTER everything had loaded, then, no problem. Straight in the game. But, instead, it take time to load the game initially - then waits at PAK - then loads a bunch more stuff.

Some of us are not running super computers so this isn’t an insignificant amount of time. Sometimes minutes.

The point of the request was that PAK serves no purpose whatsoever. You can’t cancel out the game at that point. So why have it? Is it nothing but an irritant and thankfully our voice has been heard and it will be removed.

I was thinking the same hahah.

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you can cancel out of the game at any point with Alt + F4 or switching to windowed mode (Alt + Enter) and pressing the X at the top right.

maybe an irritant to the inept who think you have got to wait until the main menu to exit, but if your going to exit it why start it in the first place.

Well, Alt+F4 is an OS way of closing an app. In the app itself, there is no way of exiting, so what’s the point?

Finally - you’ve just argued against yourself friend. If you’ve run the app, why ask for a key to be pressed to ‘start’ it?

Its funny to see that this was the top highest voted issue in the forums. Like its such a huuuuge problem to press a key.

I would love it if they could add a patch that self un-installed after an hour or so, but it initially changed the “Press Any Key To Start” to “Insert Coin To Start”.


this might be a helpful mod.

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you should re-read what I said, I gave two methods to exit out of the application at ANY time.

as I pointed out in the post before, most games require some functional pressing of something to get past splash screens faster, or if you leave the game unattended and it end up in the menu after a specific period of time it will start an intro loop of some description which again requires some input to cancel.

as most argument for its removal centre around starting the app then being absent for an indeterminate period before returning only to find the PAK screen, one could counter argue, If you’ve run the app why are you absent and do you really have that bad a memory that there is a PAK screen

if you have more pressing matters than being there for the PAK, then perhaps you should be doing the more pressing maters first before starting the app.

Really my opinion,

I expect maybe more users here want remove this feature, also play f.ex. Arma 3. Do you really also ask BiStudio to remove all things that play role in this SW to start game? Somehow I really don’t understand to this because many other Games use more things which you need set prior start Game.

I agree. Alt-F4 is a way of exiting the app. Any app. But what you have failed to mention is, what is the point of the PAK? I’m yet to see anyone actually answer that yet. If you can only PAK, and nothing else (native to the app), what’s the point of it being in the app? Someone please tell me why it exists.

You might be right about it being in other games but that doesn’t make it right.

I often leave the game loading because it takes quite a while to load. I might go take a leak or get a drink. So when I come back, I PAK. Only for it to then load more. Whichever way you paint it, the PAK is annoying to a lot of people. Hence it’s number 1 on the list to be fixed. So you appear to be in the minority.

Its no more than an irritant Omico. A minor frustration to a lot of people. Yes it’s in a lot of other games, but we are fortunate here that the development team are listening to it’s user base and it’s an easy fix.

Maybe people have asked other game devs to do the same, I have don’t know. But I’m grateful, in this instance, this team have listened.

@ DeafMetalMonkey


I can say my opinion to this, if I don’t understand why that feature is there (developers know why it’s there), why then I ask for remove it? I see this and similat threads as not logical. If I know why that feature is there and understand to that, then I can say definitelly that it can be reason to remove it. Logical? :slight_smile:

Agreed. As yet though, no one has provided a reason for it.

I suspect, it’s because it’s common place on console games (although I still don’t know why it) and they forgot to remove it on PC.

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Well, you do need the Microsoft Flight Simulator and the default A320 for that mod to run, so…

PMSL, now why didn’t I write that.