Any Solution to A320 AP Bug Yet?

I’m not sure I will resist not buying any plane :sweat_smile:, but I can see that in more than 3 month we saw a bunch of scenery, but very few aircrafts.
Could it mean that 3rd party developpers are waiting on the fence for a more stable sim?

Why we should rely always on A32NX mod? This mod is something additional to the game. First of all that main functionality(very main functionality) of this game should be working. We are users from over the world paid a ton of money and still this sim is running like some prototype car. It’s 4 monthes passed from release and Asobo got the best QA team from the world (that we are) . It should be running like ferrari. We discovered many issues. Wait with patience for each new release, but their attitude to fact that even not to test main funcionality before release, it’s just like they don’t care about us…VERY DISSAPOINTING!!


Looking at it from the developers point of view I wouldn’t want to release a product and have hordes of angry customers because of some issue with the core sim causing it not to work. Heck, PMDG delayed the release of their 737 for over a year because of issues with the simulator. It’s beautiful visually but a hot mess underneath it all. Basically a Ferrari with a Volkswagen engine.

We need fix ASAP, Asobo! Topic UP UP UP!

I wanted to buy today airport, but why to buy, when I cannot fly?!


Shame for big companies like asobo and microsoft, I paid more than 100€ for this game, now I’m back on P3d.

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@JackMartin7440 @Zbi96

Yes, as also stated in related threads. The A320neo AP is completely broken when starting from Cold&Dark, the FD points into a deathspiral and the AP follows it. No matter what apparent workaround and no matter with or without the FBW mod (and FBW guys are so far unable to fix it - it is so screwed up).

I can’t take this aircraft anymore to Vatsim and that is an aircraft which at least the AP worked and with FBW was getting better every day.

Shame on you Asobo, not testing a bit the stuff you release and arrogantly ignore the people you paid for it, which then spent hours trying to fix your mess or find workarounds and even then find the time to submit Zendesk tickets, where it gets mostly ignored or botched up even more.


So I just tried two separate flights with the default A320. I turned off the FLT/CTL switches in the top left of the overhead panel and the AP seemed to follow the route and FP. I will try some more flights though to really make sure that it continues to work. However, there comes a bit of a cost with turning these switches off. I found that even though my sensitivities are set to 50% and dead zones of 15%, turning off the FLT/CTL switches makes the controls feel very funky when flying manually. The controls feel very touchy and overly responsive. The slightest movement of my joystick made the aircraft nose porpoise like a dolphin. I would possibly suggest turning off the switches as soon as you want to engage AP and leave them on for takeoff and landing or else your landings will probably suffer.

Curious, has this method helped anyone else with the A320 AP bug since the update?

BTW, my flights were KMWH-KBFI (a short test flight) and then KSFO-KDEN, the actual flight I’ve been trying since the update (and it flew straight). I didn’t actually complete both flights, I just let them fly for a little while to see if they flew straight or still banked. Also, both flights (per usual) were started cold and dark from the gate, not on the runway.

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ya they rly should fix it asapppppp likeeee a lottt of ppl count on these planesss

Did that. Did some 30 to 40 Cold starts with all alleged workarounds in the past two days. None help.

You have to try a Cold start to really find the bug. Spawning on the runway works, that is the AP doesn’t kill you but does not really do as good of job of following the FP as previously.

I only turn off SEC 2 (right hand side). That helps. And yes, you should turn all CTLs on at approach, since you don’t have FBW if you don’t.

That’s exactly what I tried. I always start cold and dark at the gate so I replicated it here both times as well. I forgot to mention that bit though. Seemed to work for me, but like I said, I’ll keep trying.

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Could you try a Cold start out of EDDF RWY 18, CIND2S SID please and share what you find? Thx

Once again, I just tried a test flight using the same route KSFO-KDEN. Started cold and dark from the gate, departed using the same exact runway, SID, route, waypoints, and STAR and all was fine. Also, used the default A320neo. This time, I flew it as normal and did not try any solutions such as turning off the FLT/CTL switches. At this point, I’m not eager to fly the flight for real and see what happens. Wish me luck for a successful flight. I’ll report back here soon my results.


So this is the same flight that you had AP issues with before but now everything worked with no workarounds?

Yeah, I wish… just failed AGAIN!

Okay, so update everyone:

After multiple rather successful test/trial flights with the default A320neo starting cold and dark from the gate, I finally decided to bite the bullet and give my flight another shot. The route was KSFO-KDEN. My cruising altitude was FL370. After taking off and climbing all manually, it came time to set the AP at FL370… and well, long story short, no success. I’m seriously at a loss. I can’t believe after many successful trial flights, as soon as I try it for real, it decides to go haywire and bank sharp left on me for no reason.

While this bug is still so irritating, I’m also starting to really get frustrated with the inability to climb after reaching FL300. I set my payload at 30%, which is relatively light. Basically, I put the bare minimum of fuel to get me the 2.5 hours over to KDEN. Once past FL350, I was getting a climb rate of only 100 FPM and my AOA was nearly 20 degrees. I was extremely close to the red “stall ribbon” on the airspeed indicator on the PFD. I could only imagine a cross-country flight where you need more fuel than that. I think it would be impossible to reach anything above FL350, maybe even FL300 in that case with the current state of the A320 post update.

This got me wondering. Since everybody here is pretty much experiencing the climb rate issue as well as the AP banking/death spiral bug, could these two be related? Like I said, I was nearly stalling, so by setting the AP, could it have overreacted and sent me into a downward left bank to get out of the near stall? Idk, but I’m interested to hear ya’ll’s input on this possibility.

Long story short, another failed attempt just when I had the slightest glimmer of hope. Looks like it’s time to step away from MFS2020 for a little while longer. At this point, I’m giving up.


I think they are related. I’ve had climb issues also, but thought that maybe I didn’t set something up correctly. I’m starting to notice it more and more with each flight. Sometimes I can get to FL390 easy and other times the plane barely makes it to FL330. I’ve started to begin my flights from the runway to avoid these issues but even then it seem to still occur.

Hard and pay $ 427.00 and receive this horrible thing. and we don’t even have a response from the developers, each update gets worse.


Guys, make sure to lodge a bug report to the official MSFS 2020 Zendesk. The more people report the issue, the higher priority it becomes for them to fix it since they use that as one of the systems to determine which bug has more priority than others.