Any gurus in the house? Milviz Corsair

I’m trying to map the supercharger to an axis. I’ve got the lever moving, but its not actually affecting the supercharger.

		<Component ID="FG1d021" Node="fg1d021">
			<UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Anim_Code">
				<ANIM_CODE>(L:FG1D021, enum) 1 *</ANIM_CODE>
			<UseTemplate Name = "ASOBO_GT_Interaction_DraggingAxis_Code">
				<UP_CODE> 0x1101B (&gt;L:EVENTS_ID,enum) </UP_CODE>
				<DOWN_CODE> 0x1101A (&gt;L:EVENTS_ID,enum) </DOWN_CODE>
				<TOOLTIPID> Supercharger (%((L:FG1D021, enum))%!d!%%) </TOOLTIPID>

I’m guessing the up_code/down_code need to be used somehow but I can’t figure it out