Any SU6 VR comments?

Curious, any preliminary VR comments with SU6? I have Reverb G2 with a 3090. I’ve haven’t been able to install SU6 due to “lost connection” during downloads. I believe the server is maxed out at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

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To me, performance is down compared to SU5 and it still doesn’t look as good as SU4 did.
Still a lot of shimmering, overexposed and washed out colours, when above clouds and moving head up/down there are huge artifacts showing (like the cloud layer reflects in the sky). More microstutters.
One thing that does look better is EFIS displays where there is a bit less shimmering.


Big improvements for me (G2 3090), visuals look a lot more natural and crisp way into the distance.
Performance is great too, the rubberbanding I’ve been suffering for the last six months has all but gone and so have all the cracks in the landscape.
Hope you see the same.


I couldn’t download update 6 as “no internet connection” So I played offline apart from ATC voices being funny and maps not being as detailed, VR experience was very good!

Did you keep the same PC and VR graphic settings or did you tweak those?

VR settings in MSFS, or any in OpenXR?

My earlier quick flight seemed very smooth, though I didn’t have time to do any fps checks. Just now though I couldn’t connect to the servers so had a quick flight offline, which looked weird. Anyway the mouse pointer was playing up for me (see hardware and performance thread).

The servers always get hammered on update day, so it’s not the best time to make definitive observations.

I got a 2 hour flight in after the patch earlier today in VR. I have a Reverb G2, running on a 2080 super card and 64 gbs of ram and the frame rates have improved by 5-10 FPS in SU6, also we are back to clearer readability in the cockpit. I run all my settings on High with 100 Aspect ratio and 200 draw distance. Switching from VR to 2D with OPEN XR still crashes the sim every once and awhile, that hasn’t been fixed.

Got a quick flight in before the servers quit. I thought colors, smoothness and sharpness where much better than SU5!

Settings are the same, from memory oxr res 220, preview off, repro always on, sim res 50 or 60, terrain lod 200, objects lod 150 other settings a mixture of high medium and low.
Nvcp max frame rate is at 34 I think.

Some improvement, settings are the same however VR looks much better than before. G2, RX 6700 XT. 38 fps. I’m happy.

getting flickering vc flood lights, ■■■.

G2 3080 ti here. Mostly good after a few check flights:

  • things seem sharper in the distance and the cockpit
  • environmental lighting seems less washed out
  • AA is back in the panels and the menus
  • no more cross-eyed mouse cursor
  • liking the new reflections

But, there’s a new immersion-breaker to drive you nuts:

  • if you have panels open when you switch to a front-facing external view, those panels remain visible externally, falling behind the aircraft like some kind of anti-immersion chaff. :frowning:

That said, all in all, considerably less annoying than SU5.

Good performance so far, GTX 1080


That’s been there since the SU5 update for me, some sort of horizon issue.

I’ve had mouse issues, server issues, all the usual sim update day frustrations.

But at the end of the day here I have to say, the sim looks better in VR, I have had no major performance hits and I have had some lovely flights in the Grand Caravan in New Guinea and the AS 33 glider over Lisbon harbour at sunset. I can really stretch the settings, with clouds on ultra and reflections higher than before and get a locked in 30fps in the Radeon software. The contrast and colour is better for me where I have flown. The mouse cursor was a problem at first but I can work around that now. Menus are way better.

Really enjoyed myself this two hours past in VR.

I’m also running the G2 with a 2080 Super. Interested to know what your OpenXR tool settings are (if you run it). Do you run a customised render scale or leave it unchecked?

If I run the G2 at 100% res performance is terrible but with custom render scale unticked it runs better albeit at a lower resolution.

I do. Big improvement for me in vr.


Since the update its more juddery so im playing with settings (again). Fps might be up a few, or maybe not. Im no longer asked if i want to start in safe mode when i start the sim. So overall negative and positive feedback.

I’m getting a very shaky movements in the cockpit, it’s as if every tiny head movement or breath causes a tiny shake. The view seems massively overly sensitive. Anyone else having similar issues?