Any SU6 VR comments?

Yes, I also got that. Some people state, that this came with upgrading to Windows11.

I have even better performance in VR.
Was even able to add another 10 TAA and max cubemap reflections to my config for even sharper visuals!:blush:
Also added my 80GB worth of community folder mods back and everything is working fine.


Reverb G2 using Open XR crashes when I try to come out of VR, in SU6 as it has since SU4. I thought you guys worked on stability of VR for this patch. I was very excited for the new patch now I am very disappointed.

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For me, VR is now as good as it’s ever been, but I don’t use it often as I only have a 1060 pushing the Reverb G2, so run at 50% render-scale in-game. Good for non-serious flying only, as I can’t easily read most instruments or avionics.

I’ve often had issues with elements of the UI corrupting when switching flights/activities, leaving me unable to click ‘Fly Now’ once the flight has loaded up, and had weird reflections or lighting in the cockpit, but today I made a full flight in the DC-6, landing in a photogrammetry area and it was a thoroughly positive experience - even with fuzzy graphics and a lacklustre frame-rate. No issues switching in/out of VR either.

I second this. Initial flight seemed more stuttery (EDIT: Next flight was really smooth actually), doesn’t look as good as SU4 and, worst of all THE SHIMMERING ON MID-DISTANCE AUTOGEN BUILDINGS AND TRESS IS AS STRONG AS EVER. Very dissapointing.

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I don’t know what it is , but for me and vr with quest2 and airlink its a lot of stuttering on ground , once i takeoff it goes away. Been having this from since SU5 .

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For me, performance are ok, optic nearly SU04, still a little overexposed, but better than SU05.

SteamVR / Pimax 8kx @3272x3352 per eye - ingame res.100% / no repro
Nvidia TRex 24Gb max OC /32Gb@3800 c15 / 10850@5.1

I know that the short 20 minute flight I had today my Reverb G2 had sudden view shifts, sometimes bouncing between many cockpit views. I probably pressed the spacebar to recenter a dozen times. If that was SU6 or something else, it was annoying and destroyed the fun of flying.

Oh yes, and the miserable micro-stutters are gone, because the Sim is finally using more VRam again.
(In New York now again 20 Gb instead of 8 Gb in SU05)


3080 and G2. Performance is a bit more consistent.

However I’ve seem to have developed a cyclic 1 second interval FPS loss. Seems like the old “glass cockpit refresh FPS reduction” has resurfaced itself.

For me, the shimmering is noticeably worse than SU5. Like immersion-breakingly bad. It’s mainly things in the foreground - panel, aircraft, etc.

Setup is 10700k, 5700xt, Oculus Quest 2. I didn’t make any changes to settings after the update.


In VR I now have even more CDTs than before SU6 (G2, i9 9900k, RTX 2060 Super, Windows 11).


For me the update SU6 was very succesfull. I also updated windows to windows 11 (not a clean install but keep apps and files). I saw that WMR had also a update. And update nvidia also to 496.13. The sim is now very smooth.

I don’t no what happened. But in VR i can no fly with medium settings and render in OpenXR tools and in the sim set to 100 procent. Distance and buildings also to 100 (I have now 30-40 FPS in VR! Not in VR with ultra and high settings i got 40-50! (monitor 2560x1440). Before i have to set the render in OpenXR set to 70 and in the sim to 100 procent and had only 20-30 Fps.

For now cross my fingers, great work.
I have a 9700k with 32 RAM and 2080 GSX card. Reverb G2, V1 cable works for me…

I use Flight Sim Discovery (the mod) as a Moving Map under VR (Reverb 1). This one and similar moving maps had terrible shimmering/aliasing up to becoming illegible before SU6. This is gone now, the map is clear and properly anti-aliazed.

Otherwise I think shimmering in the far distance is reduced but objects like fences and poles still show artifacts. Plus, the image is still too bright.

Performance may be down by 1 or 2 fps but not by a big margin.

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It might be off topic, but is Ryzen 5600x pair with 3080 good for VR? Thanks

Overall improvement for me.

A problem I’ve had since SU5 and still in SU6 - Once in VR, I often need to raise MSFS render value above 100, then return it to 100, before starting flights, otherwise the flight is very stuttery. If I do this, the system maintains 23fps or more for consistent reprojection.

^ This is only necessary if I wish to use OpenXR Dev Tool set to 100% and MSFS render scale at 100% with the in game graphics set with LODs at 200, ultimate etc.

Regarding sudden changes in performance from day to day, something that’s caught me out a few times is that after some windows updates, windows Game Mode switches itself back on. I need to check it periodically.

I still get the best performance by setting - HAGS off, Game Mode off, ReBar On (in bios), and double checking MSFS is the program in focus

SixEyELessOUIja yes it should be fine IMO :+1:

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Should I upgrade to 5950x? Any gain for vr? Especially for msfs. Thanks again!!:+1:t4:

I have 5900x + 3080 + 32GB 3600 ram in one PC

I have 5950x + 3090 + 64GB 3600 ram in two other PC’s

There’s about 2 - 3 FPS difference between PC 1 & 2 in MSFS (and other games)

I don’t think going much above 5600x, 3080 and 32GB is worth it just for MSFS (especially the price difference), but for other apps, yes

Edit - just want to mention that I also swapped out a 3950x with the 5950x in PC 2 and saw no improvement in MSFS


Ok thanks for the info, I’ll save my money! I really appreciate it!!!:+1:t4: