Any update on ATIS Reporting Incorrect Cloud Layers?

When using Live Weather, the Airport’s ATIS Frequency always says “Few clouds at x, Few clouds at y, Few Clouds at z” despite the sky being rendered as overcast (or clear skies).

Is this an acknowledged problem? Any idea when it will be fixed?

This is not related to the questions on when Live Weather will match actual conditions. Just when ATIS will properly report what’s being rendered in the simulator. Can they be fixed independently?

Bug Thread here:

Additional Context as to why this is important:
Pilots tune to the ATIS prior to takeoff/landing to know if it’s safe. VFR Pilots cannot fly if the cloud ceiling is less than 1,000ft, and visibility less than 3. That’s why we rely on the ATIS frequency.

ATIS reports multiple cloud layers despite it being clear skies as well!


Good luck. I’ve given up with this. The first time I asked, the guy on the right simply said “it’s coming” and moved on. The second time in the last Q/A, they pretended they didn’t even know about this problem, even though the above link had been sent well in advance. I asked the host to draw their attention to the forum thread - she did - and asked the question again, rephrased it and the response was “don’t understand the question”.


I was quite disappointed about how this question was treated last time as well.

They either didn’t understand the question at all (which is weird for a bug that is reported and highly voted for months now) or they didn’t intend to.
Jayne also didn’t try to clarify despite some of us telling in chat that the question is talking about the ATIS specifically, they just went on.

If that’s the way it is handled, posting the same question again is basically a waste of time.
I think if a highly voted question is unclear, it needs to be clarified in the Q&A since there is a reason for it to be highly voted. In most cases it’s not that hard to understand if you read the main post completely.



No matter what, when using Live Weather, there is always 3 cloud levels reported in ATIS or other automated weather frequencies even when the sim world is all clear.

The main thing is for the development management to develop some humility and trust for their customers. If a question makes it to the Q&A session, then surely it is an important issue that cannot be just refuted and glossed over.

If one would like a specific, try KRYN airport using Live Weather - usually clear skies in the real world this time of year. AWOS communication frequency is 133.35. Listen to the 3 “reported” cloud layers, yet there is not a single cloud in the sky when looking at the simulated sky in MSFS.

The development team should easily be able to see/hear this issue if they are checking the same version that we use. If they are checking a newer version, then at least tell us, rather than frustrate us.


I hope that this time they will take some time to check the contents of the questions before proceeding with the Q&A, otherwise we just keep wasting valuable time from the session and in the end some questions are not really answered at all.

The guidelines thread says this:

This thread will close May 19th 12:00 PM to allow time for them to pick questions and get answers for the session.

But it did so last time as well, and it was clear they had not done any preparation in advance. The last time they did was with the Sim Update 3 guided questions, where they brought along some videos. Hopefully they can do something similar this time.


Could you maybe post a Screenshot/video of you standing on the apron with clear skies with the weather popup showing live weather and the ATC window showing the wrong ATIS?

Maybe then @Jummivana could simply bring up the Screenshot/video in the Q&A as a demonstration of what we’re talking about for 8 months now.

This was done way too many times to count already.

Live Weather: ATIS does not match conditions (ex. sim shows overcast, atis reports few) - Archives / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

For what it’s worth, it was said they’d look into it and come back with an update the next Q&A. If again it’s passed up or misunderstood, I agree that I will be giving up.

I’ve got two screenshots under the replication steps (Clear Skies & Overcast) here:

If there’s any suggestions for the topic contents, feel free to let me know. I can perhaps add a video.

I think they don’t read deeper, so posting all information in the main question helps to get a proper response.

The kind moderators allowed me to edit it. I also mentioned clear skies, as well as some additional context as to why pilots tune into the ATIS.

I’ve primarily talked about Overcast because it’s obvious there aren’t a “few clouds” and it can be the most dangerous. But absolutely - no matter the weather condition, it’s “few clouds”

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Yes…this is a pretty fundamental aspect of flying. Can’t be too hard to fix. Does ATIS report winds correctly?

Wind matches for me, but then quite often the wrong (opposing) runway is active.
Currently ATIS is basically useless for me.

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I’ve had mostly accurate data on the winds (luckily). Though at times a sudden shift to a tailwind. I guess it’s just live weather updating and not a reporting issue.

I agree, weather information needs to be correct if it is supposed to be a current observation.

Easy to fix in MSFS? It would have been fixed by now surely… currently its like we have place marker ATIS/ASOS that partly works sometimes.

If this community as a whole really cared about weather, there would be 20,000 votes on this already, not to mention other weather topics. It is totally amazing to me that even the highest amount of votes (FBW 320) total less than 2000…I thought there were over a million users???

Not on this forum.

Did anybody notice that in the latest official Azure TTS video that ATIS says the skies are “clear”? I have NEVER heard that in the sim, only the usual three cloud layers.

Either it has not been recorded from real gameplay, but was prepared separately for the video, or it’s from a different build (whether an early one, or a later one where it’s been fixed):


Wow you’re right. Hopefully that’s on SU4, and not manually edited.

I’ve never heard “Sky Condition Clear”

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Wow I didn’t notice that when watching the video… Good spot!

I was also really annoyed with the way they ignored this question on the last Q&A. I submitted a bug on this around September last year and it was marked as solved within a week with no explanation.

I really hope it’s in SU4.

No reason to be annoyed, then.

“Solved” means that customer service have evaluated your request and chosen to forward it. I don’t know why they don’t change that, as it would be an easy way to signal that suggestions are actually worth making.