Any update or news on the PMDG 737?

I know PMDG stated the 737 would be coming this year, but there hasn’t been any updates on progress.

Anybody know anything on the 737 or when we might be expecting something?

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Hope we will get some updates on the progress :+1:

The latest info was that it is coming between end of summer and end of this year.

Could be sooner then end of summer, at current they have said the sdk is no longer a limiting factor, and now they have pushed the dc6 out the door they will free up more resources,

I would like to think QW are getting close with the Dreamliner too, although they are radio silent, but that’s typical of them I imagine it will be very short notice and post it out.

Race is on for first jetliner study level! The future is looking fantastic coupled with aerosoft stating end of the year for the 330 aswell


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That would be great, where did you hear that about earlier than end of summer?
My information is from the post from Robert where he mentioned that SDK is no limit anymore and there he mentioned this timeframe. I didn’t see any more recent communication about this

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Is it the Aerosoft’s A330?

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I can’t actually remember where I read it, sure it was one of the sim news sites, I was at work and was just flicking through, it certainly sounded promising, but it could also be rumour and I may have misinterpreted it and have just gone back and read Roberts post over at PMDG, leads me to think that’s the case, so apologies as I may have not read the correct outcome (reguardless it’s great to hear and see the positive vibes from the guys at pmdg)

Yes Aerosoft A330 the current schedule for aerosoft as mentioned in there forum, crj 900/1000 variant followed by the twin otter, then the Airbus series which they have confirmed A330 is priority for the buses


But the 900/1000 crj isn’t out and was supposed to be out in May, no?

Never mentioned for May, they are targeting this month.

If you go to there support forums. And then product previews, there is screen shots over there and Mathius has said they hope for June


Graphically, I really hope they make a better job than with the DC-6 and utilizing what this new engine can do, instead of just resampling old textures, it could look so much better!


Actually they said a few times it would come out a month or so after the CRJ 700… guess they missed that deadline.

As I recall they said 6-12 weeks after the CRJ-700, but that time passed already too.
Matthjis said in a forum post yesterday however that they are fully on schedule.

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On the one hand I would love to know the date, since I am SOOO hyped for a study level 787, 737 or a330, on the other hand I am glad they are not telling the date, since that does not force them to release on certain day despite the bugs still present in the plane.

I am conflicted.

I just hope we get an airliner before the winter holidays.

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I don’t have that patience. I want a date. :slight_smile:

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I’m really hoping the QualityWings 787 is released before VatSim Cross The Pond - Eastbound in the fall. Would love to have a proper long range airliner.


:o is it confirmed for fall season or 2021 in general??

Wish PMDG would allow us to preorder the 737 :sweat_smile:

I want and will buy day 1 if study level.

A3XX - I wish FlyByWire would just go payware and get us a fully working A320

After the above,
767/757 with Cargo variants.

We need a study level long haul plane!


I’m guessing around September. Fingers crossed, then 777 by Xmas or early new year