Any Updated Massachusetts Airports?

Fantastic work, just downloaded! Now just come a bit further south for your next one! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Further south to?

I’m still working on this one. I took it about as far as I could with just Google Earth (well, there’s more, I could add the “new” Jet Aviation Hangar (construction started in 2016), but that’ll take me a few days full time probably, as I have to create a road, redo the parking lot textures, etc.). So next week I’ll probably stop by after work one day and get a bunch of pictures to correct and add to the taxi signs and whatever else I missed. It’ll give me a chance to visit the KBED East Coast Aero Club, too.

Edit: Sorry, forgot about your earlier post. Actually Plymouth does have a place in my heart. I could consider doing that one. I’ve stopped in there a couple of times on the way home from the Cape and Islands, it’s a nice, convenient airport in a great location. Nice people. It’s too bad JFK Jr. didn’t decide to stop there for the evening instead of continuing on.

I actually ended up taking a friend from Gaza who was visiting his brother here having come from his home in Germany for his first ever flight in one of those lesson trial flights at Plymouth. He loved it.


Oh, man, somebody just notified me I had zipped up the wrong files and not included the scenery :roll_eyes:
I’m so embarrassed.
Download file has been corrected.

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I’ve added the Jet Aviation Hangar and some more detail to the West Ramp. I’ll be working on the East Ramp this week and visit the airport to get some real data this week hopefully, too. I was planning on flying down this afternoon, but it looks like it’s going to be IFR near when I’m planning on leaving.


Thank you for doing this! Looking forward to future updates.

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Wooo boy, just taxied down C at KBVY, make sure your tires are soft and your drinks have a cover on them, it’s like a dirt bike track!

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That sounds awesome. If you need any pictures from ground level, let me know. Thanks for all the awesome work you do for us!

@FlyingsCool5650 you are a god-tier contributor to this community


Thanks, heheh

Sadly, I’m kind of obsessed. These are all places I fly, and I want them to be correct :slight_smile: I could kind of use some sleep, though, haha.

Does anyone know if KBED has center lighting on the taxiways, and which, if so? I haven’t flown in there at night.

Geez, if it would stop raining.

I hear you on the weather. Was planning on taking the wife and daughter to Cranland Airport’s Sunday fly-in and pancake breakfast today (it’s pretty cool if you are ever looking for something like this). Overcast and drizzle this AM. Worst summer weather I can remember but hey, at least my lawn looks awesome. Keep up the good work!

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KBED got in the way of releasing 9 airports (mostly turf and private) around the White Mountains.

I got this idea to add a couple parking spots to all these little airports, and, it kind of grew…

I had to fix the raised Pemigewasset river through Lincoln.

Here’s looking down river over NH49 after I fixed it.


This just dropped on Simmarket

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Yay!!, I had asked him to do the Cape Cod bridges. Same guy who did all the NY and Philly bridges.
A little expensive I think, but, he’s done so much other work it’s totally worth it… Buying.

Bought the Bridge and Water Fixes package – here are a couple shots (It’s unclear if they changed the bridges by the smokestacks since they have a photo on the simmarket page of that area, perhaps We Love VFR is screwing with it? ) Either way – the Tobin looks great! You might know this bridge as the one Sean Penn yelled “IS THAT MY SON OVA THERE?” in the opening to the film Mystic River.

I do hope that in the future we get the Charles River sectioned out and updated (boats, duck boats, and such too?)

Here’s some of base-game Boston

Here’s what the Zakim looks like in-game

Here are some shots of the Longfellow, which looks under construction still here (completed right before the pandemic)

The bridge that carries N Harvard Street over the river from Allston to Harvard’s campus (as featured in one of the original MSFS trailers) was also under construction for quite a bit of time and has now been restored.

Of course, this right here is one of the only places (the only?) where a boat could go under a train which goes under a car which goes under a plane. They point this out on duck boat tours. (Grand Junction Bridge: Grand Junction Railroad Bridge - Wikipedia)

Mass Ave Bridge is another iconic bridge carrying Massachusetts Avenue over the Charles from Cambridge to Boston. Mass Ave is a main artery of the greater Boston area.

Finally, while updating Assembly is probably going to happen when Bing maps refreshes, I’d definitely pay for a package of MBTA lines with working trains. Here’s the Assembly Orange Line T station, which is aboveground.

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Nice shots, thanks.
That’s pretty cool what the Longfellow looks like looking down.
Yeah, it didn’t sound like he did the Zakim… I hope he gets to it eventually.

A subway addon would be quite doable with simobjects, like is done with the tarmac workers and the baggage carts, etc. Since it’s a track, and it’s got a schedule, I’d think it could be done.
Easier for the underground rails that pop up once in a while. Green line on Comm Ave would be cool.

Wow… That is an awesome update. Agreed that it’s a bit pricey but since I’m doing most of my flying VFR in SE MA, that mod is going to add a great deal to my flying experience. Thanks for the tip!

That looks amazing. Anyone installed it? I’d be curious on what it does to frame rates. I get more and more impressed by MSFS every day. The potential of this sim is pretty much unlimited. I’ve been simming for 15 years and I never thought I would ever seen anything like this.

Went to Cape Cod

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Here is ProFlight - KMVY - Martha's Vineyard » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Where’s the train drawbridge? he mentioned it I think?