Any Way to "Break Out of the Cockpit Cage" With Camera?

In the release version one can move the camera around the “cockpit” nicely now. However, there is a “cage” around the cockpit, which limits camera movement.

Has anyone discovered where these cages might be defined or eliminated? (In X plane some aircraft also have this “cage”, but it’s a simple workaround there).

I’d very much like to move my camera to spots in the finished cabins inside some of the default aircraft.


Well seeing no doors open might be a while. On a brighter note there is code for opening doors in the game.

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You can do some funky things with Track IR. Sometimes i sit on the wheel of the Cessna for fun.

yep. using opentrack I can peak inside from outside the window :slight_smile:

I’ve been use it the drone camera to get inside. But, the aircraft bobbles up and down so much it’s tough to make it useful.

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with headtracking I can easily go outside and look in :wink: