Any way to change the username

Hi there,

is there any way I could change my terrible default username in the sim (as in this forum)?


in your MS account you have access to your xbox profile

or directly :
For me (in french) :

Cool, thank you, Marc! :slight_smile:

Take note you can only change it ONCE for free: after that every name change will cost you 10 bucks. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

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Admins gotta fund their Christmas party somehow.

You just didn’t! It’s only September, the first week no less!

I’m confused, my forum and gamer tag is Psychic Agenda90 but in MSFS there is another ID in the top right corner DERANGEDAPE and 5 numbers. What is that called and how do you change it?

Cant say I like mine either. Too late now though :frowning: