Any way to decrease runway / approach light size on widescreen / triples with the SDK / DEV mode?

I remember in FSX there was a “light scalar” setting in a .cfg you could change when running on ultra-wide or triple-monitor setups to fix how the runway, approach, and airport lights get super blown-up when using widescreen resolutions, but I haven’t been able to find any fix for this for MSFS. I run at 7800x1440 and my lights look absolutely ridiculous. I can see giant light bubbles coming from airports that are 30+ miles away.

Anyone more familiar with the SDK or Dev mode, can you tell me if this is possible in MSFS 2020? It’s the single biggest “anti immersion” thing I face at the moment and it makes flying at night pretty horrible. I’m sure others with widescreen monitors or triples would also like a fix to this! Anyone have any idea where I can start poking around to try things out?


Gif: showing how lights look on my monitor -


I can’t believe there’s zero responses to this?