Any way to get Navaids to stay on ? plus Chunky White Squares?

Pretty simple. Using the world map, I have to keep turning the navaids on every start up? Is there any way to keep them on. Just an annoyance nothing more. Is this broken or am I doing something funky or is this the way the sim was planned and just deal with it ? Also, anyway to get rid of those large chunky white squares that block all the airport info ?

Currently there is not a fix for the Navaid issue, but here is a link to the same topic.

Not sure about the white squares issue.

Thanks. I’ll look that over. Hopefully Asbo will make the Worl Map Interface better.

Then why mention it lol.

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I believe there is a way. I recently saw another thread about this which involved editing a certain file. I’ll try to find it and post back.

Check this thread:

Thanks Ed I’ll try that today.

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