Any way to install without the XBox app?

How does that answer the OPs question?


Ah, I’d assumed the OP had made a comedy post, so I was responding in kind.

I hope their dilemma is solved. I’ll see myself out of the thread.


my update was just such a pain. Spent 1 1/2 hours. It did not show up in MS store no matter what. Ingame it told me I need to update in MS store.

I just gave it a 2/5 stars. What are they thinking?


simple …just buy an xbox!

No comedy post. I don’t want to fill my PC with bloatware I don’t need (especially if it’s MS store apps where you don’t even have full control over the installation). If it’s a critical component to the sim it should be included in the sim.

Also: what’s up with this website? getting errors 70% of the time…


Not sure why it is there, never saw that before as a requirement. I was going to just uninstall it and install it again for the next update. It’s annoying that it pops up every time I start the PC


I just looked up MSflightsim in microsoft store and then the update almost immediately began. So not everyone has to use the xbox app.

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Not for me and one of the fixes seems to be to download that app, for whatever reason…

Yes there is, buy the Steam version and you will never have a problem downloading any updates.


Just install the Xbox app, install the sim, and uninstall the Xbox app. Simple.


You would think, but everything has to be dramatised for some


Then prepare to re-install the app in order to prevent the next update from failing :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, yes. It only takes a minute. Compare that with the time it takes to install the sim.

Or the time it takes to post complaints about it on the forum…


What’s it to you that people post complaints about stuff they don’t like as long as you like the Xbox App?

:rofl: I know, Xbox is 78 MB and the sim is hundreds of GB!

Nothing. It’s just quite comical seeing people up in arms about something like this that is, at the end of the day, pretty much exactly like steam or any other gaming platform loader (think Origin, GOG, Epic Games, Bethesda et al). And honestly, to install it (and even uninstall it after the update if you really are so concerned about it) is the work of seconds.

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And you telling them this is convincing them?

Not trying to as it would be a waste of time. Spent a load of time last night posting time and again to help people who couldn’t see the update to either download the xbox app or (if they had it already) log out and back into it. 99% of those people were grateful for the help. The 1% started threads like this…


So you are bothered by people posting and starting threads about stuff they don’t like?