Any Way to Send Someone a Market Gift?

I want to send someone a gift… something from the market from within MSFS. We both have Steam Versions. Is there a way? I can always print the market page and wrap it with the cash… but it would be nice to be able to send a gift like you do in Steam.

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Hi Lemit4001,
I would also like to know if that is possible (don’t think it possible yet). I’d like to know if I could sponsor a competition on the forum for kids with a sim market add-on as a Prize.
If it is not possible you may have to convert your thread to a wishlist thread. I could see Asobo being very willing to implement a gift option to generate additional sales, especially after the Xbox version is released.

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Hi all…

The market place does not have a gift function. However, this is a function that I believe would be useful and I have provided feedback on this to my supervisors. Though there appears to be a workaround.

When a Steam user purchases something from the market place, the cost is billed through Steam. For the Windows Store, purchases are billed against your Microsoft Account.

With this in mind, you could buy the appropriate gift card. A few users have reported that this works, but I haven’t had the chance to try it myself.


Unfortunately not! I totally wish I could send a few friends some gifted scenery for the holidays but unfortunately can’t without some odd work-arounds – our best bet is to vote on the above mentioned thread. I will try and push and get a response from the CM team on the progress of such a system (as I think it would only be a positive for both company and end-user) for when everyone returns from the holiday break.

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I’ll just send you my paypal you wont have to go thru the market :grin:

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Yeah, so you can spend the money on beer instead. :laughing:
How will that increase the price of my MS shares?

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