Any way to track FPS while in VR?

I usually use Nvidia’s FPS tracker to see what FPS I’m getting, but it’s just reporting this while I’m in VR (Oculus Rift CV1). :sweat_smile:

Anyone find a better way to track FPS? I want to see how the changes I’m making to the settings is effecting my FPS.

Try fpsVR if you use SteamVR

I’m using Oculus VR. Otherwise I would’ve probably just used the built in Steam VR FPS tracking.

You can use the oculus overlay itself. Open Oculus Debug tool and set Visible HUD on performance. Works in almost all VR games

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Press ALT + Z to open the Nvidia overlay and then you can view the FPS :slight_smile:

SteamVR includes an frame rate counter, in “developer” settings. It measures in milliseconds per frame.

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This works great! It’s cool to also see the available headroom too so you can mess with settings and see how it effects it.

You can’t see the Nvidia overlay nor the FPS counter in VR. :wink:

As mentioned you can use the oculus overlay which you can see in the headset.

Within fs you can also enable developer options, this brings you a dev toolbar… under tools there is an enable fps toggle.

You can see fps on the monitor… the useful data here is whether app is slowing framerate due to cpu or gpu.

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