Any way to turn off HDR effect?

When you are in the cockpit skies tend to be overexposed and espescially clouds can be one big white surface depending on the lighting conditions. When you switch to external view, the skies become normal again and look absolutely stunning. Is there a way to turn off this “HDR” effect ingame?

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Yeah there is a HDR on or off selection right in the general setup menu. If that dont float you boat, you can find your usercfg.opt file and turn it off (and alot of other things as well) off or on. If your making settings for VR make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the file for those setting as well.

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YOU are exactly right about the brightness its ridiculous,but why is it only from the cockpit,outside the plane view looks fine.

There is indeed something odd about the cockpit lighting effects in the FBW320. I find the most noticeable impact can be seen when flying at night through broken cloud with landing lights on. Somehow light reflection off the clouds brightens and dims the glass cockpit displays as you fly through them. Whether this is linked to overexposed skies from within the cockpit I’m not certain but it’s certainly a very noticeable effect.

I don’t think it is the HDR setting, which is unavailable in VR settings anyway. It’s a fake HDR effect. And perhaps @Icarus61 is right that this is only in A320. It is when I noticed it yesterday.

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