Any word on assignable auto-selected hardware profiles for planes like in X-Plane 11?

One feature I absolutely love about X-Plane 11 is how you can setup a default profile to use for each individual aircraft. So for example I can have my GA Single Prop profile set to be used for a Cessna 172 and a twin engine jetliner profile used by default for a 737, etc. This way you don’t have to remember to change the profile before flying each different plane. So far in MSFS it seems, unless I am missing something, that one needs to go into controls and select the proper hardware profile for the plane about to be flown. On a positive note it’s nice that this can be changed even in game so if you load a flight having forgot you can simply hit escape and go into Controls and change the profile. But it would be awesome to have it already setup to auto select the set profile like in X-Plane. Any idea if this is coming or already possible in MSFS? Now that I switched from a Logitech Throttle to a Honeycomb Bravo this is now very important.


Is there a votable topic for this?

I like the idea, too.

Nope, but hey if a Mod can move the thread so we can upvote it?

FSUIPC does that (don’t know if does that already - beta).
I’ve also seen a mod that can switch device profiles (somewhere).

Would up vote if possible.

SPAD does just thus, allowing me to switch configs automatically based on what it gets from SimConnect. I would definitely vote for this.

Yes there is a thread for this:


Nice. Voted. :+1:

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