Any1 Game always Crashed after 531.18 driver?

I play MF2020 witfh NVIDIA FILTER , and the graphics more epic than orignal , but after 531.18 driver ,AKA the VSR update, my game always crashing after flying starting.

i trying reinstall game , i even reinstall WIN11 , without any addon , still crashing . i changed another RAM and still same.

My PC is 13700K + 4090 + DDR4 32GB + SN850 SSD+ WIN11 22h2

so any1 know whats the problem is ???

531.18 has had quite a few problem, also with CPU use. Either roll back or I believe there was already a newer one?

I already installed the new1 , still same crashing …

IN menu OK animation mode OK, never crashing , after click Begin FLYing , crashing…

I had to roll back to 528.24 to get stability. It was causing mysterious BSOD’s in win 11 which disappeared when I rolled back, so it’s not just unstable in MSFS. Have not tried 531.29 yet, but they seem to be having a run of dodgy driver releases lately.

I normally always update to latest but taking a break from that atm as I think they’re having issues with the build, may take some time to work out. 528.24 seems solid.

Try disabling the filter. If that doesn’t help: Try disabling your mods

disabling filter = Crashing after a while , anyway eventually it will crashing atall

disabling all mod already .

same 528.24 same rolling back

Please ask for tech support questions in the appropriate #community-support forum, not #gd-interests:general-discussion.

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No issues on new version.

Last version had the high CPU after sim close which the patch resolved, no issues with latest though for me.

Still appears that the “fixed” driver is giving people problems.

did u play with DLSS3 ON? WITH NVIDIA FILTER?

All - I cannot say for sure, but after installing this driver, my USB transfer rate went into the white bowl in the bathroom. I could not take it off, so I reset my PC last night back to factory. Now things are back to normal. Also, rumored one patch from MS also could have caused problem. Figured, regardless of what, I have new Virpil rudder pedals arriving next week, and having a clean install for those would be good, so another reason to do it.

Additionally, I own Claymore II ASUS keyboard, and month ago, it started working badly for no apparent reason. I sent it back to ASUS, and they wanted bunch of money to send me a new one (OOW), and I declined that. Upon return, it works fine, and have not had any issues with it since. I did update a driver right after it’s homecoming. I now have to reinstall the game and hopefully my settings have been saved for my flight devices. I am NOT going to update driver to NVIDIA card until I know for sure it’s a good one. Happy Flying.

Current Game Ready driver is 531.29, but I’m running Studio 528.49 drivers with zero issues.