Anybody getting tiny stutters on ground after WU6?

No stutters on the ground but I get 2-3 major freezes during flights again no matter the aircraft. This was not happening prior to the hotfix last week.

Last night as I flew across lake Michigan towards Chicago I got a major freeze for about 30 seconds. Then got another approaching KORD about 2 miles from the runway. Other than these everything is smooth. Definitely an issue though since the hotfix

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I haven’t flown much since WU6 (all these inconsistencies and issues since the Xbox build has kind of killed my desire to fly until they get their act together. The complete lack of communication from the executive team has affected my desire as well. Hearing their plans and challenges gave me hope. But, their radio silence is deafening.), but, I did notice I get stutters on the ground when I’m in windowed mode, but, they go away in full screen mode. For me, it started with SU5.

i7-4790K/16GB/RTX2070Super/LG 55UN7300 4K TV

Please include your machine specs when discussing issues like this. People might be here comparing GTX1050 performance with RTX3090’s


And as others stated above, turning it off isn’t taking their stutters away.

Also, I have a fiber connection in my house, but several threads have shown my connection speeds have nothing to do with their servers and their bandwidth speeds. If it’s slow at their level, it’s going to cause issues.

Agreed on the silence of Jorg is deafening. They were all such proponents of SU5 and now hasn’t said a single word after it was obviously a huge mess of an update. Pretty disheartened as well.

My specs are i9-9900k, 3080, ssd, fiber network connection


But doesn’t turning off PG make everything look like bad?

It makes it look different. It uses autogen vs photogrammetry. Try it. It’s easy to turn on or off.

I prefer it on even if some cities like NYC or San Diego look terrible because it doesn’t render fully.

It depends on your point of view. There are two options you may be confusing, Bing Data and Photogrammetry. Bing Data is the one you REALLY want to have turned on. With it off, you can’t have Photogrammetry, and the scenery returns to FSX like in how it works and looks. WIth Bing Data on, that allows the Black Shark AI to populate buildings where they belong and use textures from Bing Earth.

Photogrammetry is essentially a 3D scan of an area (except it has a tough time recognizing when there’s an “underneath”. This can make scenery even more realistic as it also captures textures and applies them to buildings and the like. It’s limited, however in that only a few areas of the world have been 3D scanned that Microsoft has access to. Google Earth has more Photogrammetry than Bing does, but, Bing is working at increasing it.

Photogrammetry is much more data dense than Bing Data, so, especially for those people who have slower internet access (not just to your provider, but you could also be affected by the servers your provider accesses), turning off Photogrammetry might help in peformance. It is independently controlled from Bing Data, so you can turn it off and still get the Black Shark AI buildings and layout and Bing Data textures.

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I have a similar problem, but my stutters are more typical in final approach.


Not ON THE GROUND per se, but yes, you’re onto something. I had random jitters without explanation, observed that as well.

I’ve submitted a ticket 2 weeks ago. Just resubmitted and have been asked for the usual 3 files. Let’s see but the problem is still there with Photogrammetry turned on.

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could the ground AI aircrafts and AI vehicles be causing the stutters?

Noticed the same here. Doesn’t happen in cockpit view for me oddly enough, only after panning in external.

On Xbox and the stutters are pretty brutal since the last update.

I dont think its that because you can set traffic to zero and its still happening.

Hey I was getting micro stutters and big stutters out of nowhere too. I am running a 3090, i10850K. I tried literally everything. so I ended up wiping my PC and just re downloading everything I use, and it stopped the micro stutters for me.

Almost same setup as you but have 3090. I have noticed this for a while? Like the aircraft is scooting or accelerating and decelerating when taxing?

I experience the same issue before I reinstall Windows, now the game is smooth as butter everywhere for me.

I’ve been wondering for a while now if they shouldn’t be looking into the audio component. I’m probably losing what little mind I have left but I swear there seems to be at least a correlation between the audio in the sim and a lot (not all) of the micros and pauses I have.

Just another conspiracy theory :sunglasses: but might be something they can look into…or not.

Hmmmm interesting. I get a short shot of static that coincides with one of the consistent big stutters/micro freeze as I take off. You might be on to something.
But again, for me, PG on: stutters, PG off: smooth

Has anybody uninstall and reinstall and still getting shutters?