Anybody playing 5600x with 4070ti, is it good

hi, im about to upgrade my setup with 4070ti.
What kind of frames i should be expecting with frame generation. I have 5600x and 32 GB of 3600 Mhz

You will be limited by your CPU. Unless you are using 4k that expensive GPU won’t help much.

You probably need a new gen CPU, motherboard and new memory to take advantage of that GPU.

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probably, the dlss 3 grame generation will not help?, i now get 25-45 fps tlod 400 olod 200 on my 1080ti.

i am asking to get 35-70 fps on 2k with dlss 3 grame generation

It certainly won’t be optimum for LOD and traffic compared to now but fps wil be good (inbetween stutters). IMO if you can afford a 4070ti then leave most of it in the bank and get a 5800X3D first (or upgrade to next gen instead)

I upgraded from a 5600X to a 5800X3D which made a big difference. I also upgraded my RTX3070 to an RTX3080 a bit earlier which also made a difference. I’m running at 1440 rez with ultra settings and LOD at 300 in the main though I limit FPS to 30 for smoothness (I can get over 100 just pointing at the sky though).

My 3080 was 2nd hand so did not cost a lot after selling my 3070 on ebay and the 5800X3D has come down a lot in price since I bought mine.

Having gone for a next gen graphics card, I would suggest saving to upgrade the rest of your system to take advantage.

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Tbh with your set up I would expect 45fps (capped in NVCP) to be smoother and if you take the trouble to undervolt the X3D and don’t mind your gpu running hotter that could even be 60.

I agree, but for some reason the limiter in the NVCP doesn’t seem to work. I’ve just updated the driver so may give it another go.

In NVCP you need to set max frame rate and use one of the v-sync options (but not the default ‘use 3D application’ setting)

I had an 5600x with 32GB 3600mhz Ram and a RTX 2060 Super and I play in Full HD 1080p

Bought an 4070Ti because my 2060 super broke.

Before with the 5600x and the 2060 :
I get like 20-40 FPS in ultra with tlod 250-300 and olod 200 and was Mainthread bound.

Than 5600x with the 4070 Ti without dlss3 same settings as above:
ca 40-55 fps and anyways Mainthread bound.

Than found a cheap Used 5800X3D and changed that with the 4070Ti, used that same settings:
ca 75-90 Fps all without DLSS3 so pure power…
Changes between Cpu and Gpu bound, based on where i fly.

So i would asume the parts are now good balanced, atleast in MSFS

So as you see to change the Cpu brought me more Fps than the change to an 4070Ti and would be even the much cheaper one to change^^

Would be interesting to have numbers of the 5800X3D and my 2060 Super too just for reference but as its broken i can´t test it.

whats the fps with dlss 3 frame generation?

i take the 40 fps anyday over 20 you had. My 1080ti cant give me much fps. I am not a millionaire so i cant afford new machine, i have only asus a520m board, that cant handle 5800x3d.

With DLSS3 you can simply say you “double” your fps.

So just put vsync on with 30 FPS and you get like 60 FPS modulated out on a constant,
thereby the card runs at under 50 - 60% load, so you even save money on energy.

But bare in mind that some Displays in Cockpit could be not as sharp anymore and harder to read than without DLSS3, its not as bad as with the older DLSS but you can still see a difference.

Also the 4070 Ti is still overpriced but without any alternatives what should one do…

You’ll be mainthread limited and may need to restrict LODs if you want to sim in ultra/4K (not sure about simming in 4K with that setup though) since those are handled by the CPU and it may struggle to keep up with the GPU, particularly at busy, large and detailed airports and while on approach when the CPU is in high demand for LODs, but otherwise I don’t see an issue.

i am sticking with my setup 5600x, 1080ti, 32 GB, i dont have stutters and i run most on ultra and tlod 400 getting 25-45 fps, thats enough, i dont use any addon airport etc.

Single core speed is king, unfortunately. If you want to take advantage of performance increase you need a fast single core performance. A CPU with 6 cores at 4,7 Ghz will outperform a CPU with 12 cores and 3,7Ghz. In MSFS you need a fast CPU so the communication between CPU and GPU can flow fast. Then the high end GPU will take advantage of all features. Performance increase rests on combos, not just one part. A 4090 with a slow CPU will idle, that is unfortunately gaming since 2000. Extra cores will not make any difference unless the fastest core is fast.