Anyone else dreading SU9?

I was fortunate enough to fix the issues in VR that SU8 created in a week or so after it was out. (Stutters, Poor FPS, etc) Now I see SU9 is in Beta and the VR forum section is not looking promising. Sigh. I just want to enjoy the sim and not have to dread when they update.

Hoping this wont break it like SU8, then it back to the drawing board.

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Absolutely, after the newly formatted Development Update it really looks and feels like VR has been kicked down the road.

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Nope, see this announcement:


I’ll worry about it when it’s released - that way, I may not need to worry at all! :slight_smile:

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I am; need to take a few days off work to tweak MSFS again… in the hope that i get smooth flights again.

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I’m always dreading the sim updates after that update where the flight model was broken and all the planes just floated above the runway and it took forever for Asobo to fix it. It shows how vulnerable our hobby is. I’m sure something will be broken after sim update 9.

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Well I installed the beta hoping to see some improvement but the performance was worse and I didn’t see anything that got better. So after 2 days I went back to the non-beta. Unfortunately when I did that I lost all my flight hours and log book. I joined and left the SU8 beta at least 3 times without issue so SU9 doesn’t give me confidence. I was approaching 500 flight hours but that’s all gone now.

Well… if su9 allows me to run the sim again without going into dev mode to get rid of su8-introduced stutters, it will be welcomed. And, if I can fly fast and low again without textures blurring into a useless fsx Deja-vu experience (also su8 introduced)… then the welcome will become celebration. Otherwise, dread is the one term, or low expectation another.

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I hear load times have improved. Those of us with tons of add-ons take a long time to load.

Base on comments that I have seen, it seems that load times are being cut by 50%.

If that if true, I will be a happy camper! I would go down from 10 minutes to 5 minutes :blush:

I didn’t measure it but the first time I started the game after installing the beta, when the game finished loading, I definitely noticed it opened quicker even without measuring it. But then I also noticed the poorer performance so it was back to WU8 for me.

Wow. I’m at the 2-2.5 minute mark so I don’t understand those times. That would drive me crazy. Have you disabled the opening videos using the “-FastLaunch” option?

Fastlaunch doesn’t help. I have about 568 add-ons. most people don’t have that many. There’s only a few of us with that many add-ons. That represent a huge investment in add-ons.

i have a second PC which only has Premium Deluxe a a few non Marketplace add-ons and that comes up in 2-2:30 minutes and it’s a less powerful setup.

Of course…its always a feeling of impending doom and being on borrowed time when it comes to enjoyment with this sim regarding updates.
I hate that VR doesn’t receive constant updates but CERTAINLY GETS ITS SHARE OF SIM BREAKING BUGS FROM 2D FIXES!! :unamused:


Hey, a friend here on the forum has problems with stutters. Could you explain what exactly you do in dev mode that reduces stutters?

I think he is saying that just being in dev mode alone is enough to reduce stutters. Dev mode reduces the frequency of the events that cause the white spinning circle.


do you need every one of those addons, each and every time that you load the sim?

if not, then maybe consider a linker that will allow you to limit which addons you select for each session.

Of course any time spent doing this will have to be balanced against the load time saved, but if your consecutive sessions would need similar mods, the time saving might still be significant.

@BearsAreCool510 Hey, could you follow this thread. I noticed someone said they reduced stutters with devmode enabled and i remembered your stutter problem. Dunno if you tried it, but i guess you could try it.

i have good news for you, there will be many more updates like this.
exciting times.
some people act as if their whole life depends on a working game…

Thanks, very kind, I had actually heard someone say the same thing recently.
I tried it briefly but made no difference for me =(
But I also never had this spinning circle issue, just inconsistent frametimes it seems.

I undervolted my GPU recently and that seems to have improved it a bit. It’s really inconsistent though. Sometimes everything is smooth, sometimes it stutters a lot, especially when flying at a few hundred feet. Higher altitudes and even on the ground are much smoother.

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I do use add-on linker for non Marketplace purchase’s. I’m not sure that it will work with Marketplace items.

And a while back I deleted a bunch of Marketplace stuff and my load times didn’t change. Seems that one you purchase something for the Marketplace, even if you delete it, it still does some checking just to let you know you own it and can download it.

That is why I have never bothered to try add-on with with Marketplace items.

Is there any word on when SU9 will be made the official new version?