Anyone else getting a "Insert Disc" error for the bloody digital MS Store version after the latest update?

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Yes (even though if you lads need people to recreate their WORKING sim setups after every update, ya might wanna rethink the whole update process)
Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
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The 120 quid game I bought doesn’t work after an update again.
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Step 1. Pay a decent chunk of change for a game.
Step 2. Play it off and on from launch, because of the broken state of the game (and that half the time the game that’s supposed to auto-update itself… .DOES NOT so you discover that you have to download 10-20 gigs of data to even get to the main menu)
Step 3: Try to play the game after latest update and get an “insert disc error” for a digital download game
Step 3.5: Get increasingly irked about the whole thing
Step 4: Try the various “reset this, redownload that” non-fixes listed in the FAQs, before either re-downloading 130+ gigs of data (which gives you a 50:50 shot of fixing things) or move on to a less broken game
PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
Not applicable, as the issue isn’t hardware related
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Not this time

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