Anyone else having issues with the TBM AP

Can go direct to way point and at some point during the flight I will go into a massive -5000fpm roll. This is after patch.

I haven’t had any AP issues with the TPM post update… But it’s been a day.

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After take off I attempted to go direct to a way point and it completely missed it then started to roll the opposite way.

There are a few weird things. Selecting Autopilot on does not also engage yaw damp like the patch noted say.

That’s strange, because with the TBM it did for me. When I engaged AP, Yaw engaged at the same time.

I also hit vnav with appropriate alt at way points and I went into a hard dive/roll.

Just tested it out at cruise and AP engage also engages YD. doesn’t do it on Take off though I’ll do more testing

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Shouldn’t be able to engage ap on take off. Pretty sure only above 400 ft will enable.

This was, I was at about 1,200 ft