Anyone else having problems with Azure Voices today?

For the first time this morning I’ve had severe problems with voices when using the Azure option. The voices are delayed by up to 20 seconds (or even non-existent for some messages by or ATC), and some messaes are totally ignored by ATC.

Switched to Offline Voices mode, and works perfect.

Anybody else noticed this, or have I got a problem?


Thx… I’m not the only one.

have the same issue.



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Can confirm this too.


Maybe a regional problem? I’m from Europe.

Yes, could be - I’m in the UK.

Yes, iv just come on to see, if i was alone, just departed VVNB TO VHHH, HAVING FLOWN FROM UK to hong kong, when 20 mins ago, ATC was breaking up then ATIS, nothing just text , uninstall flyby wire standard then reinstalled, no chat at all, and cant get Clearance.

Any fixs yet…lol

I reset my A320 after re, install set at Gatwick…still same prob, no ATC sound.

It’s something with Azure. Switching to “windows offline” speech works (for the time beeing).

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Arrr well done, thank you Sir

Same here, from Germany

Im in the UK half way into a 7 hour flight…Down for me too

Hi ,i just went in and turned Azure to offline windows, has recommended by one of the pilots, it did not work. BuT i went back in re saved Azure, logged on started cold and dark A320 at hong kong. AND its all back to normal, lol how long for is anyones guess but ATC all talking .

Windows offline only does work, if you have the english speech package installed (additionaly) on your Windows system.

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I have that installed thank god lol

Restart fixed this for me

Sim restart didn’t work work for me. Just tried it again, and still a problem on Azure.

idem same issue from France, no correct ATC

Same here from UK restart didn’t fix it gone to offline voice for now