Anyone else just had an "update" via steam? then a LONG time to pass checking for updates?

I had a mysterious “update” via steam about 20/30 mins ago on msfs, and after the update, the sim took a LONG time stuck on checking for updates (a few minuites), before suddenly unlocking, and continuing into the sim. Subsequent restarts do not take as much time to check updates (maybe a little longer than previously, but not as slow as the first time after the “update”.

What was the “update” about (it still reports version, and as far as i know all the files remain the same, only one “new file” (ClockSkew.json). Any ideas?

EDIT: (I see other people are reporting frozen checking on updates… try and wait, it does pass, takes a long time though)

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No update here.

UPD: All working fine now! Checking for updates from 2021-09-12 8PM UTC - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

thanks @TenPatrol yes as I mentioned in the post, it was only for the first run after the “update” however doesnt explain why there was an update? (I was already up to date with World Update 6 prior to this evening)

Check content manager for updates.

The same thing happened to me – a Steam update, but I didn’t notice anything had changed. There are no updates available for me in the Content Manager.

@TenPatrol Nope, nothing in content manager (thats the first thing I check! Trust me I am not a newbie in MSFS!)

The only Steam update I received today was No Man’s Sky. I even restarted it to make sure. Nothing MSFS-related.

Periodically the Steam client does update. Not game related. Simply the Steam client itself.
There was once such update last week.
(It may have landed before but Friday was the first time I turned on the PC and launched Steam in about a week)

It’s not a game update, it’s steam update. If you’d check other games they’re getting updates too but it’s not game related, it’s steam related which is doing its thing.

@RemisLT @somethingbrite Nope, that was a game update, not a stream update (I am a developer, and therefore have tools that track files being downloaded an updated into various system and app folders). It accessed a load of files in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator’ folder. See my screenshot.

This is usually the precursor to a normal update (sim/world/hotfix) where afterwards when the sim is launched, you then get an update notification on startup and it starts downloading packages. This time, it just stayed on the checking updates for a long time (probably related to another issue also discussed on other topics) and then continued to load up the sim without any further action.

EDIT: checking the steam logs, and also my own app modification logs, it didnt change any files, only accessed about 306 files in the above folder.

It might have been the 2109 cycle nav data.

It was steam update. It started pretty recently, has nothing to do with actual game. It does it for a lot of games. Steam is probably downloading/checking some files associated with steam API or something.

Oh, No mans sky… Darn, I had forgotten about that…I wanted to look at that program last year.
Your comment jogged my aging memory, thanks !

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@RemisLT god knows! To be fair, I was just curious, as I never get a download like this unless its a real download (I do get workshop updates etc, especially for train sim, and Transport fever).

I guess I am enjoying this update a lot anyway, apart from one bug since SU5 (pop out windows when moved to a lower res screen have text that is just too large) all my other issues seem to be fixed. Plus I have managed to upgrade both my processor and GPU so the whole thing is a lot smoother as a bonus!

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