Anyone else uploading their flights to youtube?

I’m uploading my world tours to youtube, currently doing the transiberian (Russia’s not that great tbh, lot of patches of autogen) which should take me another three months, and a few other rivers and coastlines of the world. Next big project is the entire coastline of the americas.

It’s very easy to record a flight with the Windows Xbox tool, and then upload the file to youtube unedited. Something quite ironic about Google ending up storing more of Microsofts bing maps data than Microsoft - if lots of people do this.

I’d be happy to subscribe and support other peoples channels on this. Here is mine:, I try to keep it low and slow, and each video 5->30 mins, always with external view (can see so much more of the scenery).

My final flight for my world tour is tomorrow so I’ll chime in.

I rarely do any self promotion but you can find me on youtube by my name.


Nice videos, very polished. Subscribed.

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Same here. My uploads were purely utilitarian in nature, as I had to explain to a forum member in the other place, who was upset I was uploading links to them in their pictures group! :slight_smile:

I have lower production values than a 1970’s episode of Doctor Who! :slight_smile:

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