Anyone else worried about streaming scenery?

Im concerned about being dependent on Microsoft to stream data to my computer in order to play.

What happens if Microsoft cancels this project? What if they take the servers offline like they did with every other sim they ever made?

Is there a way to download a specific regions scenery? Will there be a way to do this in the future?

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I’m not concerned, no, just like I’m not concerned about going on a road trip and Google Maps disappearing overnight. Given the investment and scale of the project I would foresee this continuing for years to come.

But yes you can manually cache some scenery data, there’s an in-game utility for this. But I really wouldn’t worry about it.

I’m only really concerned in the sense that I’m on a shared connection that likes to disconnect and currently manual caching is broken. As for the service, MS are likely to be supporting this for a good few years at least, and if they do ever drop support, the sim will still work without the AI terrain and since scenery can be modded in, we’d likely get some clever sausage create a program that allows us to download our own ortho textures and scenery like Ortho4XP does in Xplane.

Yes…it could be the end very fast if they decide to give it up for any reason. It wont be like with other sims, that we still can play during years. We gave our money to Microsoft and are 100% dependant from them. Thats the sad reality even iff they don’t have any reason for now to do that but we never know in future.

While I understand the concern lets not forget it’s only day 6 of release. Maybe give them more than a week before we start talking about them closing anything :slight_smile:

In the future, gaming history is going to disappear at some point around 2013 thanks to this always online nonsense.


“In the future, PC’s will be dead” -2010 human folk