Anyone from Louisiana?

Hello I am looking for simmers for multi session to fly around Louisiana and gulf coast MS. Short hops.

I’m in Louisiana please add me, homeschooldre

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I am from the New Orleans area and I would like to do some multiplayer flying.

Cool, I’m from Metairie so let me know when you all want to do a session.

Heyyo! I’m from Mandeville in the NOLA metro area! Showing Louisiana some love!

Add one more out there on the Northshore (Hammond).

Discord: B4W4P2T#8578

I’m from Shreveport. Add me my username is TheWalkingCash

I am from LA in the Covington area. I am also working on a helipad for L31 and maybe put an ILS approach. The pad it there but I cannot get the lights to work at night. If anyone is interested let me know.

here is my Discord :

I’m in the Kenner so let do this everyone have some multi sessions. here is my Discord ---- amx101#0244

Sorry !! I saw the two of you (amx101 and HomeschoolDre) online last night. Looked like HomeschoolDre was somewhere over New York, then shortly afterwards I saw amx101 appear at roughly the same coordinates. Still unable to figure out how to be able to access the official Discord channel, I thought about trying to take off nearby and intercept wherever you were going, but figured that I probably couldn’t pull it off. Instead, I spent this morning clicking on about everything in Discord and I think I may have actually been able to get access to the channel, so next time I hope to join up with you. Please keep an eye out for this ol’ man…looking forward to some fun in the skies.

Yeah we were on last night and will try again soon. Im still learning everything too lol. if i see you on I will try to come by you on here and we can fly together.

HomeschoolDre - Sunday 04/18, 10:30pm … check your six, LOL !!

LOL, I seen you at the same airport as me. Nice flying but next time you pay for my fuel. I went from KNEW to KMOB

Haha. Hope I didn’t interrupt your evening. Saw you near New Orleans when I was at the login screen, figured I’d try to catch you. Logged into Discord quickly, but I don’t think you were there. Took off at Stennis just as you were passing by. Huffed and puffed across Mississippi and Alabama, but couldn’t catch you for the life of me. Buzzed you and the tower at Mobile after you’d landed, and I think I got your attention. Was going to land but you were in the air by then. Once we were both on the ground, it was obvious why I couldn’t catch you…DA62 chasing a Daher, haha! Logged to get me a faster plane, but by the time I got back…poof.

Ah well, was fun! (And sorry for my lack of screenshot skills).

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Yep that me! you would have blown a gasket trying to keep up with me with a DA62. We will meet up soon. We just have to keep trying lol.

From Central Florida but would love to fly VR. I Want to VR in the DC6. Discord = Scoopist (SK) MSFS 2020 = N020PD let me know

Im from lower Arkansas but still use the east us server. Really wanting to find people to join in flying. Discord is : Nairyhutsack#1490

Add me and dm if you’re interested

Yes I am from Covington, LA