Anyone from pennsylvania

I fly only ga aircraft normally I’ll fly from pa to myrtle beach

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I can be there in a jiffy. Call my cell on Pennsylvania 65000 to meet up.

I usually take off at kafj airport

Ok I’ll sit under the apple tree and wait, but don’t wait there with anyone else but me, if I’m late.

Hahaha what did you mean call your cell there is no number

Oh I’m sorry, I’m just a whimsical Englishman. They were all references to lines in Glen Miller hits. Google Pennsylvania 65000 for the first reference.

Ahh gotcha do you have vatsim by the way

Too scared to try it, I’m very deaf and comms are garbled. As long as I can hear the engine I’m ok.

Ok lol where are we flying to?

Cant now, it’s breakfast here, but I’ll keep you in mind. Enjoyed our chat, thanks!

Okie dokie

Eventually I’ II will get back to you on PA , general aviation propeller flights. Currently I generally train and test the GA craft I own. No third party add on 's . I believe since ms2020 is just out the door that third party is not recommended because MS is still in its growth and development stage. I own tne Deluxe package and currently have all the new Carenado GA craft . Hmmmm? I believe I now have all recent GA craft except the three lighter GA craft offered in the MS store . I have owned FS9 and FSX. Actually, I still have those versions. But I feel and see the difference in comparison between the old and new versions. So , therefore , since the most recent version is “much more” I have gone into it as a newbie regardless of past experience. So I am still in training and sticking to solo until I am familiar with the MSFS 2020 UI and GA craft. I will eventually choose the craft I like the best, feel most comfortable flying and get very familiar with. I acquired the package prior to it being released during the summer 2020 however because of schedules, and home time allocations I just recently downloaded it to my system last week. It sat in my MS account for months. But I found the time for it finally. It runs beautifully and settings were automatically defaulted ultra . I was surprised because I heard and read so many other opinions from Msfs flyers out there. The download took sometime but had no hip cups . I have all the recent MSFS updates and the Msfs freebies. However I’m a patient flyer and purposely a slow learner because I unfortunately put time into detail so I feel I am not ready to multi -player yet. I do train mostly at night, real time and my flights depart from KAGC and Arrive at KERI. Sometimes I land at other less monitored strips. I may try landing Meadville strip next. Funny the other night when we actually had below 20 F temps my windows on all sides iced up. Unbelievable. I thought at first my dual monitors were faulting at first. What … thats ICE on that shield and not my monitor going downhill. I finally get the bird off the the ground on this day with out belly flopping on the runway and I finally kept it up at about ANGELS 10 or so. FOR the first time ever and never in any simulator from MS from my past experience that my glass was covered over with ice. I was blind as a bat especially because it was night time. WOw. Exciting I almost went down 50 NM from Erie. I literally stuck my head outside some of the way so just to see and flew mostly visually blind in the cockpit without horizon and ground VFR but using self IFR /instruments only. When I got close 5NM from KERI I stuck my head out past the limits of the side window and thank goodness landed safely. I did get nervous like the experience was the real deal and with only one life to spare. But funny after landing I moved over to the Co pilot seat just look around at the cockpit dash panels on the Co pilot side and guess what. I found the defroster’s switch knob. . The heating switches actually worked. I turned it on and slowly like in a real vehicle having efficient defrosters the " ice over “on my shield and side panel windows slowly melted away. So like I said prior I am new to this simulator, it’s air vehicles and it’s feel because i didn’t know that winged baby had simulated defrosters regardless of my experience with the older MS simulators. I need time learning all the new " stuff” , MSFS 2020 modern features and the GA craft that come along with it and in MS store before I finalize my comfort zone. Thereafter if you are still hanging around in " PA of the USA " we and possibly others that join your quest can hop around. That will be fun especially if we use DISCORD to chat. Flying south like you have interest in doing and maybe some pit stops along the way will be an awesome experience to be part of .

But please enjoy MSFS 2020 solo or multiplayer mode and thanks for the invite. Thank you. May see you in the MS skies in the spring 2021. See ya around. ( smile).