Anyone from Utah, U.S.A?

It would be great to correspond with someone from Utah. I’m from St. George and currently living in Pleasant Grove.

I’m not from there, but it’s my favorite place in the world. The scenery and geology there are amazing. You are lucky to be there :slight_smile:


Yeah. My hometown of St. George is very well depicted which makes it all the more fun. Since I’m not living there at the moment when I fly over in the sim it truly feels like I’m there. :grin:

Have you seen the ghost ? :ghost:

(beautiful sceneries indeed :+1:)

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It was quite interesting to me as well that the old airport was still depicted like it was. With beacon light and everything.

The 2017 picture on this page and Google Maps show the runway still intact, while in MSFS the runway is 80% unpaved (so the Bing Maps data is very recent). It’s a bit bumpy but I landed there without trouble.

Oh btw since you know the place, I wonder if the “DIXIE” letter painting is still there on the rock north of the old airfield? :slight_smile: Only a “D” is left and I wondered if it was some kind of censorship …

Edit: oh wait, it seems there were two areas with painted letters ? Maybe I looked at the wrong spot.

Edit2 : ok, the “Dixie sugarloaf” is in a different place … but has no marking in MSFS.

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Yes. That was one of the first things I looked for. The sugarloaf rock is there kinda. It’s not real accurate. But it doesn’t have the “DIXIE” painted on it. I’m hoping someone will go in and add it down the road. I was pleased at how well the black hill with the “D” on it was depicted.