Anyone from Utah, U.S.A?

It would be great to correspond with someone from Utah. I’m from St. George and currently living in Pleasant Grove.


I’m not from there, but it’s my favorite place in the world. The scenery and geology there are amazing. You are lucky to be there :slight_smile:


Yeah. My hometown of St. George is very well depicted which makes it all the more fun. Since I’m not living there at the moment when I fly over in the sim it truly feels like I’m there. :grin:

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Have you seen the ghost ? :ghost:

(beautiful sceneries indeed :+1:)


It was quite interesting to me as well that the old airport was still depicted like it was. With beacon light and everything.

The 2017 picture on this page and Google Maps show the runway still intact, while in MSFS the runway is 80% unpaved (so the Bing Maps data is very recent). It’s a bit bumpy but I landed there without trouble.

Oh btw since you know the place, I wonder if the “DIXIE” letter painting is still there on the rock north of the old airfield? :slight_smile: Only a “D” is left and I wondered if it was some kind of censorship …

Edit: oh wait, it seems there were two areas with painted letters ? Maybe I looked at the wrong spot.

Edit2 : ok, the “Dixie sugarloaf” is in a different place … but has no marking in MSFS.


Yes. That was one of the first things I looked for. The sugarloaf rock is there kinda. It’s not real accurate. But it doesn’t have the “DIXIE” painted on it. I’m hoping someone will go in and add it down the road. I was pleased at how well the black hill with the “D” on it was depicted.

I’m from St. George also, live in Hurricane now. I’m hoping somebody will fix KSGU and all the missing hangers/FBO. The surrounding scenery is great though! I loved tweaking and adding scenery to FSX over the years but haven’t looked into the new SDK much. I figure I will wait until its updated some more and the dust settles.


I live in England, but spent a few years living and working in Utah and adored it! I miss it greatly and “visit” in flight simulators whenever I can. I would like to fly multiplayer there, both with those who are local and not-so-local! I have a soft spot for back country flying in Utah (also Alaska), but ultimately will fly anywhere in the state.

Happy to hear from anyone who is like-minded…



Flying out of KDTA

Don’t forget to fly southwest and take in the sites that are rich and abundant there. I find myself going back to that area often not just because I’m from there but because it’s just so gosh ■■■■ pretty to fly over. :grin:

I grew up in Clearfield, Utah. I Graduated HS at Clearfield HS. My dad worked & retired from Hill AFB. I’m the 5th son of 6, with 1 sister who would travel to Provo, Cedar City, St. George, and Zion for Summer almost every year! I got married by my Mormon Bishop, then lived in Ogden until joining the USAF for 20 years. I’ve moved/lived in many places while serving my country, but now reside in Florida.

I have planned many “flightplans” in and around Utah! It is beautiful scenery! Can I fly with you sometime?

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I would love that. I’m a newbie when it comes to actual flight simulation in a flight simulator but when msfs was released i developed a desire to actually learn a little about it. After all the hubbub i started hearing about how the flight dynamics were just too broken with msfs with it being so new I’ve since mostly just been flying around looking at the beautiful scenery. When people start saying things are working with the planes right i plan to pick up where I left off. So are you an avid simmer? Do you know a lot about controlling the simcraft like you would a real plane? Anyway, yeah. Let’s get connected and do some flying and compare notes about Utah and the places we’re from. :grin:

Went to high school in Carbon, lived in SLC, and have not been around UT since joining the USAF.

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I’m an avid Flight Simmer. I’ve been flying with FSX, P3D, X-Plane 11, and now this MSFS 2020. I’m an “old-timer” though… 64 years old. I have uncontrollable shaking but still, manage to take off & land. Do you use “Little Navmap” for flight planning? (MSFS 2020 requires flight plans to end with a “pln” extension.) Little Navmap saves flight plans with “pln”. I also have followed “Discord” with other simmer pilots who post pln’s there, prior to flying a flight plan. Maybe we could use Discord or email to both be using the same flight plan.? :crazy_face:


I’ve heard a lot about little navmap and I think I get what it does as far as setting up a flight plan it’s just that I’m new to that concept and I’ve just let msfs do it automatically for me. I would like to learn to set way points and do ILS approaches and all that kinda stuff I’ve just got to learn it first. I have learned a little about autopilot and used the Garmin systems but only a little. I’d be happy to be able to move in to the big jets and learn them someday but I’m really mostly interested in learning the GA aircraft for now. Do you think msfs 2020 is working well enough for me to learn the stuff I need to to get everything out of it I can? Are you willing to share with me your email? You can pm me it if you’d like. That would be great!

I don’t give out my email. But if you’ll join me in, we can use our microphones in our headsets. I can fly all the GA airplanes too. I’ll teach you how to use LittleNavMap, but don’t worry… I have never learned how to use ILS procedures. LOL! Most airplanes have Garmin 1000/3000, or you can just follow the waypoints we make in our flight plans (mostly airports and markers). MSFS 2020 is working at its peak for most simmers I’ve flown with. It is the best FS out there! All I do is autopilot if I can help it because I shake so much. Remember: Most of the GA airplanes require you to disengage autopilot when climbing/decending, unless you adjust the desired altitude, then press “VS” & Up/Down. Now please open so we can talk and I can quit pecking at these keys. LOL! :sweat_smile:

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I’m sorry Mac but I can’t seem to find you using the info you included on either discord or steam.

I am a bit of a late comer to this forum topic, just noticed it today. I have been fortunate enough to live in Utah for most of my life and currently I am a resident of St. George Utah. (KSGU) living within 2 miles of the airport (as the crow flies).
I have been regularly enjoying flight simulation for years, since about 1988, beginning with Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0. I have also used FSX, X-Plane and now 3-4 times weekly I am using MSFS 2020. I am enjoying regular experiences of virtual flights in general aviation aircraft, around scenic Utah, using real world procedures.
For a contrast in scenery during your flight, try flying into or out of Bryce Canyon (KBCE) to other locations in the region.
I look forward to the time when the St. George KSGU airport scenery in MSFS 2020 is updated to accurately reflect the current, actual airport. (X-Plane version of KSGU is quite accurate.) Sometime ago I submitted a bug report about the KSGU airport beacon being misplaced, with it still being at the former KSGU airport location.
Happy flying!

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Nice to meet you! I’m a native of St. George and only moved away form there 2 years ago to Pleasant Grove. Since I don’t get down there much It’s great to fly over in the sim on a regular basis. I also lived just a few miles from the new airport in the Washington Fields where Stonehedge is located. Stonehedge used to be a 50 acre farm where I grew up. I too can’t wait for KSGU to be updated and would love for the temple and the red hill north of town including the sugarloaf to be handcrafted by someone. Happy flying to you too and if I can figure out how to use discord and connect with people in multiplayer then It would be great to fly with you sometime if your interested.

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