Anyone have a second plane indicator on Garmin? Bug?

Anyone get second “ghost” plane indicating them on the Garmin? My actual plane was offset in the air and on the ground. But I have a new 2nd plane that is accurate and also me?! Is this reported? Excuse my poor arrow.

Do you have any Garmin mods in your Community folder?

Same here, yesterday it was fine, today this happened. The only thing I changed is that I installed the better lights mod for the airplanes.

Better lights mod? Sounds interesting, do you have a link?


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Yep, I had this too. But in the last days it didn’t show up anymore. Maybe it’s because actually I’m flying touch‘n‘go with the TBM and first I noticed this during an IFR flight with flightplan and so.

Looks really good, thanks, will make night flying even better! Sorry for going off topic.

A lot better I can tell, taxiing works now really well

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No mods for me just some liveries. Trying to avoid mods for now. I have enough issues with this sim as it is…

@ FlippinFlow

One important advice,

if you have problems, try for first putting out all things from Community folder. Then start sim again and check. Many problems does addons.

Unless liveries are a “mod”, I don’t have any installed currently. I only had a couple but removed everything a while ago after all the odd issues with the 2nd patch.