Anyone have issues with Spad.Next Lvars and the new A320?

I setup my GoFlight MCP with the a320 to work via the lvars variables so I could have a mostly functional autopilot with my cockpit hardware.
After updating to the new dev build (first time I’ve updated since the development fork off into it’s own aircraft) I am no longer able to use my profile

Did they change the way Lvars are working ? Or is my install corrupt? Wanted to check in here and see before I start trying to clean out the installation and messing about with stuff.

Yes. Since we integrated our own custom autopilot, the standard vars don’t work anymore. We are trying to solve this.

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There should nothing stop you from getting it working, please refer to the following documentation:

There you find a table with the events and what they do.

Additionally, there you find a maybe helping file for SPAD.neXt in the respective subfolder:

SimVars are also described in the file

In my tests I was able to fully control the FCU with a Honeycomb Bravo Throttle and using SPAD.neXt or FSUIPC.

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Ah excellent, good to know I didn’t break anything! Thanks for the reply!

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Well, didn’t know we have them there… :confused: