Anyone haveing issues installing content into a non standard location?

I’m getting a second NVMe drive and will be running my OS one one drive and sim/game content on the new drive.

I bought MSFS through the MS Store.

I know that when installing MSFS you can select an alternate source to put the content and that is what I was planning on doing to put all of the MSFS content on the new NVMe drive that will be D:.

I’m curious if using a non standard location for content has caused issues for users with any third party apps?

I was thinking that creating a Junction (hardlink) from the D: location back to the default location might be a better option.

Install launcher on C and MSFS packages on D


No problems.
My FS2020 is installed on my NVME M.2 drive: D:\FS2020\

There is a ‘Move’ command in Windows Setup Apps, and this CAN brake something. In particular when done before.

No. Happy installed it on D:\Games\MSFS since day 1. Never had to reinstall it.

I’m going to keep the app portion in its default location. I’m just moving the content folder.