Anyone in KSMF Sacramento CA area?

Hello, I’m Cipher. I’ve been flight simming for about 15 years now since the FS2004 days. I’m looking for adult friends. I’d be interested in setting up a discord group or some kind of facebook group for the Sacramento area to chat and fly together. I also use XPlane, DCS World and Orbiter Space Sim. I’m a native-born Californian, but I also speak Spanish. Hola! You can also find me on Instagram. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey, I fly out of KSMF frequently and am local to the bay area. Looking for people to fly small aircraft with.

KSCK - Stockton - MSFS only.

Welcome bikekona. Grew up in Sebastopol. Live in Alaska now!

I fly out of SFO quite often. I can fly with you.
My favorite aircraft is the a320 Airbus. Some smaller ones on occasionally. Also the F-18 Hornet.