Anyone in the SF Bay Area?

Looking for some online friends here in the bay area. my home airport is KCCR. Lets explore.


I’m not exactly from the bay area ( live in the Netherlands, Europe) but like to fly in the US.
Earlier today I flew from Monterey (MRY) to san Francisco ( KSFO) and I told myself that flying in clouds/fog during departure and arrival is pretty challenging.
Perhaps we can meet up time-zone wise?

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Grew up and lived in San Mateo, retired to Carson City (KCXP)

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I’m about 2 hours North. I live in Lake County. My home airport is Lampson Field 1O2 but usually fly out of Ukiah for the longer runway. One of my favorite trips is KUKI to KSFO in the evenings when I get off work. Makes for a relaxing night. I just wish someone would add lights to the Golden Gate Bridge.

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KSCK is close. Not too much fog here!


yes please send me an invite

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I’m in Lodi… fly out of Lodi or KSCK… I’m interested…

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I live just east of Sacramento but fly around the area. mainly fly out of KMCC

I’m in Benicia. I typically fly out of KVCB (Vacaville Nutree). I Iike to practice approaches into KCCR. I’d be down for flying online.

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I used to live in Monterey, but I’m based in Seoul right now. However, I do like to fly out of KMRY often. Would love to join any other fliers in the area. :slight_smile:

I’m from Alameda but, live In So.Cal. now. so same tie zone anyway…

hi there from Petaluma,CA . would love to fly mostly online after 6pm(pst). Direct Message me. lets do this. currently flying the nevada bush trip. first leg done

hey david live in the nothe bayarea. but go down to l.a. almost every week for buisness. would loveto fly. Direct message me.

Looking for some new flight sim friends! I live in SJ, work in Mt. View…GA aircraft…172, Kodiak 100, TBM 930…

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Hello Ryan,
Rich here. Would love to fly with you! I’m from Sebastopol,Ca.

Live in Alaska now.
I fly a320 . Plane takes off by itself. Have no control of plane

Hello Longhorn, I’m from Sebastopol, about 80 miles north of SFO. Love to fly out of SFO. Live in Alaska now. I’m on Xbox s. Love to to fly with you some time. My name is Rich. Am retired, so am on MSFS everyday.

GloomyLake935 sounds like fun. I like to make a lot of local flights of an hour or so around Northern California but I’ve been flying a lot in Alaska lately since It’s usually dark here when I have time to fly and Alaska has some beautiful scenery, especially when the sun is low. We’ll have to get together and fly some time. I’ve wondered if it’s possible to do a bush trip in multiplayer. That might be interesting. We could both set the same leg of a bush trip and see if we show up. I know I’ve seen other players flying around when I’ve flown some bush trips.

Great let me know as to what time!

I usually fly a Cub, either on floats or wheels. Occasionally on skis if I fly around Glaciers!
My name is Rich