Anyone managed to import JF via LegacyImporter without model becoming invisible?


I’ve managed to convert some of my FSX payware planes to MSFS 2020. Of course they don’t work 100% but at least the cockpit instruments are working.

I’ve noticed that everything of JustFlight isn’t correctly imported since the whole flight model is invisible.
Did anyone manage to import one of their planes without being invisible in MSFS 2020?

Yes, I have all my JF aircraft imported from FSX , some importing better than others. See the FSX Showcase thread.

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Thanks, I saw there was one Just Flight plane but they didn’t mention how they converted it.

Getting the JF aircraft into the new sim is a lot more involved than using the usual import methods. It also involves circumventing the copy protection of the aircraft, meaning that the addon cannot be distributed legally. I look forward to JF bringing out MSFS native aircraft, which will perform much better in sim than the current portovers.

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KingHartzell, I was wondering, did you ever find a useful answer to this question?

Unfortunately no, I searched everywhere but couldn’t find any answer to this