Anyone noticing blurry spots/smudges on runway and clouds reflecting from water?

I’m on the Quest 2 and also tested without any external tools.
The smudges are most noticeable on runway and reflecting clouds on the water.
I can’t recall seeing this in previous versions.

Same here, but using G2, and haven’t tracked down the source yet. I haven’t changed the settings in the Nvidia control Panel since the update, so I plan on messing with those later.

If you’re using DLSS that could be the problem. I noted that on pancake too.

I had those issues and found if I exited VR and then reset the VR software PIMAX, OpenXR, SteamVR and then restarted them and then reentered FS VR it seemed to help…may have to do it several times before notice improvement…and the clouds I noticed were not reflecting the same image as the cloud appeared in the sky…may just be my view of it from a different perspective…angle etc.

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