Anyone now what "loading 32bit GIF" in task manager is?

Today I checked my taskmanager at launch and this icon appear for under a second.

Anyone know what this is ?


Update: Solved. Process is related to Aorus Engine. Graphic Card.

a running application :wink:

Simple press Right Mouse in Taskmanger an choose “Search online”.

I think you should run your virus program. unwanted GIFs can be nasty…

Yes it’s better. I read some about GIF virus.
Can’t close it due it disappears completely after launch of win 10 under a second.

What is a good virus program to track / eliminate these things ?

what tell you the info if you do that ?

Additional you can simple check what the Properties of these app show you. ( again right click on app and choose xxxx )

I repeat, I could not get any informations in this half second this process appear. The process appear for under a second with windows launch and then disappear. Wonder that I get it captured.

With right click on the process it show no actions like in other apps that you mean.

Now I have an extended deep scan running with Avgast. I will see if Avgast get it.


And this is what you have running.

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and another tipp in such situations is to enable the command line column in taskmanager. If you can catch a screenshot , you can see where the file lies :slight_smile:

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Yes Micha you were right. It’s Aorus related. Fine.
But that it only appears under a second. Anyway no headache.
Thanks for help. :ok_hand::+1: Back flying…

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Topic closed by OP request.