Anyone seeing dramatic increase in PC Latency?

Barely getting 10-25 fps since yesterday evening and into today. Can’t for the life of me figure out what happened or changed?

Anyone else noticing lag or high latency (ie if you use alt-r on nvidia to see FPS/etc)?

Check to see if the update turned on Rolling Cache. That’s what happened to me.

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I am not using Rolling Cache, so that’s not it. Something is going on with the network connection or something else. Barely get 10fps right now at KLAX, using Frame Generation.

i9-13900k, 4090, 64gb DDR5

I didn’t either, the update turned it on w/o my knowledge.

Got some connection errors the last days, didn’t have that in a while. I also lowered some settings to get 20+fps on my low-end laptop. I have been fideling with settings all day and still i have the feeling something is off and fps has risen a lot.

For some reason after the last update i also have some doubts something has changed. The blue sky is very bright. In my case the cockpit of the SR22 is ok, but some are even in clouds and thunderstorm like there is a torchlight in the room.

Normally flying around twentynine palms it isn’t a real fps sucker, but here in the bright sky i have around 8 fps less then before (around 25 now)

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So after a full day of barely even flying due to terrrrrrrible performance, I did the following:

  1. DDU uninstalled current NVIDIA driver - reinstalled current driver (from Feb 22) and noticed no change/improvement.

  2. DDU uninstalled Nvidia driver and rolled back to 551.52 and now getting normal-ish FPS again, TAA, Frame Gen = ON.

Something with the latest SU15 beta and the latest Nvidia driver are not working well for my machine. :frowning:

Not for me. Just took the following screenshot. The values are standard for my connection:

which driver are you using, if I may ask?

also what FPS monitor are you using?

My screenshot shows network latency as recorded by my Starlink router.
My GPU is an Arc 770, driver v31.0.101.5186, though obviously not applicable to NVidia-based GPUs :slightly_smiling_face:

sadly i have an older graphics card (gtx1650ti) in the laptop so for me framegen is not avalable