Anyone still getting ghosting?

I think thats the term for it anyway.

When im taking off or taxing at airports or panning the camera fast I get this blurred like effect on some buildings, poles, lights etc.


Are you on XBOX or PC?

Is this Motion Blur? If you are on PC you can turn it off and see if it doesn’t help.

I mainly get some kind of ghosting issue in the cockpit with clouds. With windshield wipers turned on for example. I think I have motion blur off. I play at 30 FPS which might make it more noticeable than others using a higher FPS.

Try switching from TAA in the anti-aliasing setting. I believe those artifacts are caused by it.

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Oh you’re probably right. Unfortunately all of the other AA settings make me want to puke lol :face_vomiting:


None of em’ look as good as TAA, that’s true! That’s why I personally have just stuck with it for the time being.
Hoping that the team considers AMD FSR, as it should have their own AA system, hopefully without the shimmering effect! :wink:

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PC. Ill try Blur off but from what I recall it doesn’t make much difference. Ill try and capture it.

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All aircraft or specific one? You mentioned when wipers are on, that is a mod. Which one?
Does this happen with default aircraft?

Using VR?

If this is the effect I’m thinking of, it’s specific to certain kinds of cloudy/foggy weather, and can happen in any aircraft including in external views. Switching off TAA may, or may not, have an effect.

(I mostly fly VFR so I don’t encounter heavy cloud cover a lot, but when I do is when I’ve seen this.)


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