Anyone still running 457.30 Nvidia?

I didn’t get that much of an FPS increase and had a thought of going back to the fabled 457 drivers, anyone using them and still getting good results?

I did use it when I hat my rtx2080ti but now I’m on latest drivers with my 3080ti oc. Game runs fluid

After someone said he had a big improvement So I went back to that version with my 3070 but no change to latest driver.

Nope I am using the latest with awesome VR! Attached are my settings, you will love it if you have a 3080.

Ok i went back and it’s actually a lot worse so that answered that!

Just wanted to say that I went back to 457.30 studio driver last night (I have a 1080Ti) and it seemed actually very good. Certainly my experience was better than with the latest 471.xx or whatever it is now. I can’t guarantee that that was down to the driver though, as I fiddled with lots of settings after SU5 to get things to a state I was happy with.