Anyone taken a nice long run since Hotfix 2.0


I have gave my MSFS a few goes and are pleased with the results ( thanks team :+1::clap: )

but i’m really in two minds on if to go for a full long haul flight or not ? which means setting it up tonight then get up nice and early and have a nice long run but still nervous :grimacing:, anyone out there had and completed some nice long runs yet ?


Yes, took a 2 hour flight from Teuge Airport, Netherlands, to Southampton England in a Mooney.
Locked framerate at 30fps all Ultra.
Smooth as silk and a great flight without any problems… :grinning:


the locking frame rate is a must, it cured most my CTD and keeps CPU from having erratic temps, coooool think might set me a nice flight plan up later then ready for in the morning, im thinking Heathrow - Istanbul and start my long awaited Asia Tour :grin:, todays a good day ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I just performed an 8 hour flight with the 787 mod everything on except multiplayer. All was fantastic


music to my ears as im planning on using the 787-10, only base game version but i LOVE that beauty !


Game looks like fsx what happened to the beautiful MSFS? I am glad I bought only the standard. Textures are bad even at Ultra. When I connect to VR and downgrade a little bit it looks ugly even the runways.

Nice! Yea my fave will always be the T7 but 787 grew on me really enjoying it can’t wait for the A350

Plus the winds aloft and temps do seem to have been fixed. Not a single issue during the flight.

Have a good flight!

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Just installed so no long runs yet, but one annoying new bug is still present. If I go to the world map, select an arrival airport, show live activity and choose a flight, when I choose to make a flight plan from that flight, there is a CTD. Happens every time.

VR is behind won’t be focused on until end of year. But 2D in 4K is freaking gorgeous so detailed and very close to reality

Lol. It’s not even close to fsx… Most people sem to have good results with this new hotfix. Seems like it just might be your rig.


How do you lock your FPS?

absolutley looks stunning, there is still issues, draw distance with ground, some of the ground mishaps ( buildings floating and ground textures until your up close can be here or there ) BUT at the min they have got most of us playing it again and now focusing on the texture issues and rest of bugs for the next update so ill tale that for now :+1:


if you have nvidia its in the nvidia control panel, it will automatically be set to programs, but if you click that drop down box and find flight sim you can set frame rate there, i also do it in game also

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Ok, did the hotfix come out? If so, how do we get it? I’ve looked in the Microsoft Store, and started the sim to check for an update. No go.

I came across a video last night someone showing how for some people the settings don’t save. If you already have it set on ultra it will somehow be saved as low even if it shows ultra.

Try to click on Low apply and save then click on Ultra apply and save. See if that helps.

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Look in the Xbox app also restart PC if you still don’t see it

go into MSFS into the menu, the change the game to full screen mode and in the top left it will tell your your version is what it should be, mine did it without me knowing

I always had the problem that updates in the MS Store wouldn’t show up unless I reboot the PC first. Give that a shot.

Almost leery to post this but currently on a three hour run from Newark to Houston; an hour in so far no issues except the ATC altitude but where they keep saying descent/climb to your assigned altitude. Through experimentation, I determined that the PFD showing FL441 equates to ATC thinking it’s FL420 in the Longitude and they finally shut up. Settings back up to ultra; live weather and live traffic on, getting 55 FPS at altitude; so we see if it lasts the entire trip or not. Last night it CTD about an hour to an hour 15 minutes along.

EDIT: Three hours, 44 minutes no crashes, no issues other than ATC deciding at the last minute the weather around KIAH was clear enough to dive bomb the airport on a different runway than was in the plan while still at 6,000 feet…“turn left, heading 160, cleared for visual landing runway 15L” when the plan was for ILS on RW 8L…and then there’s not even a chart for 15L in Navigraph, 15R, sure, but not the other one. Not sure we even use that one any more.

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keep us informed how it goes :crossed_fingers:t3: