Anyone taken a nice long run since Hotfix 2.0


Yes. Two hours flying no problems.
VR working well.

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Just finished a 5 hour VFR flight in the Longitude (w/ flight model mod) with no major problems. So glad to have the clouds & brightness/contrast back to how it was before. For me and my system, hotfix2 helped restore enough to make the sim enjoyable again.

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Uh, you might be having some sort of issues in that case.

The forum upload crushes some detail however (original images are about 7 MB), so it looks better than this when playing.

Make sure your graphics settings haven’t reset or something. If you’ve modified Usercfg.opt previously, unset read only and reset your settings.

BTW, here’s a screenshot from stock Prepar3D (improved FSX engine). :smiley:


I’m setting up a long haul livestream tonight… Seems to be working well.

has anyone tried playing with their content back in community folder ? i only have my local airport but havent tried putting it back in yet ?

I’ve finished LSZH-VOBL with the 787 heavy mod. Smooth as silk.

Also did EDDF-Naples in the 747 with the salty mod.

Both flights were smooth as silk with no issues at 4K ultra.


fantastic ill stick it back in then and give it ago, lol so strange hearing good news :rofl:

Nah the people with no(or fewer) issues are flying and not posting. The sim works great for me


Took the Longitude from Sandane to Oslo last night, not super long but still my first time up to 45,000 in a while. What little I could see of the ground through all the clouds, looked as good or better than I remembered before, as did the clouds themselves.

How did you concluce that FPS is casually linked to ctds? Im curious

These screenshots make the sim look terrible honestly…

Uh, well… Okay. I guess you’re entitled to that opinion, but I certainly disagree.
Would you say they’re on the level of the third image though? :wink:
Keep in mind that those aren’t photogrammetry areas.


The third image is irrelevant…
Your screenshots look just as bland and washed as XP11.
Please tell me those aren’t maxxed settings in those pics?

Well, I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed in the hotfix. Most bugs still present. Jetways still jacked up. I took off from KSAN, had an issue where I moved the mouse by mistake when turning and the plane held the control input that was in place during the mouse move (when I straightened out, the controls still registered me turning) and that should have been an omen for the rest of the flight.

When descending, the textures on the ground did not load until about 4000 feet which looked horrible. Then upon landing, I noticed the jetways were only partially loaded in (thought that was being addressed in the hotfix…) and then when I went to adjust the LOD, I hit the pause menu and the sim froze. What was weird was that all controls still worked, in that it was registering that I was hitting a button. It was just not doing anything. The options menu was not loading. The only thing I could do, was end flight or load a flight.

Overall, I cannot say that this fix did anything for me, as none of my issues were resolved. I am putting the sim down until WU6 and hoping that the next update doesn’t break something else…

Asobo, I really don’t know what to say at this point. We try to tell you to do decent QA on your updates and you say you are, but the results show otherwise.

Do you really think they’re as bad as XP11? Here’s XP11 with maxed settings:

And yes, the MSFS pictures were with ultra settings. Guess you’ll have to switch to another flight sim if you think it looks that bad.


Those MSFS screenshots are terrible looking for ultra settings.
It’s just that…image quality has seriously been reduced in MSFS.
Hopefully they restore the sim to it’s former visual glory one day.

When was that, though?

Here are two pics in the same location. One taken on launch day, one taken last week.

I don’t think there’s any downgrade to be seen here… Quite the contrary.

Was there some golden period in between where it was far above both?


Two flights in the Seneca yesterday post patch (IND-ORD and back). Prepping for another right now.

Still think the clouds and sky are a bit too blown out but nothing Game Filter can’t fix. Other than that, everything seems to be in order.

The pop-up still makes me feel like I’m playing GTA4, but I’ll be patient for SU6 when they plan to fix that.

Lol, you’re being too kind though…P3D is way better than Fsx to be fair…The retail FSX looks even worse and performs a lot worse. Regardless…you made your point.

Some people are never happy. Looks great to me.