Anyone upgrade to the G2 V2 from V1

Though I initially had all sorts of issues with my G2, and HP Having sent out a replacement, I’ve had 8 months of good use of it. But having read now about the V2 I’m wondering about whether it’s worth upgrading.

I’ve a decent rig and with the new DLSS and a 3090 am getting good results, at least in my view. 35-45fps in quality mode.

I’ve read that the V2 has better colour rendition, which I must admit annoys me in the V1.

In the uk the V2 is available for £600, so I guess after selling my V1 I guess the upgrade is going to cost £300.

Any views ?


Hi - Where in the UK is the HP G2 V2 available for £600?

The makers of these products may be releasing and improving every year or so ? - I’m new to this and is another learning curve - Thanks

Unless the microscopic sweet spot is improved I certainly won’t be bothering with another G2.


HP are advertised the new version on their UK web site.

guys relax. difference are not so big. there will be a G3 at some time!