Anyone using Voiceattack?

Couldn’t see a thread on this so thought I’d create a new one where we can share tips and tricks re: Voiceattack. I’m interested to try this out as it seems like it could be a great way to control things like Autopilot, Radios etc whilst flying as these can be tricky to change manually zooming in and mouse scrolling over the dials.

I know you can set up basic commands like “Landing Gear” or “Flaps up”, “Flaps down” but Is it possible to say something like “Set Heading to 90 Degrees” or “Tune Radio 122.750” ?


Yes, I have spent a little while creating a VoiceAttack .vap profile. It’s slightly customised but I think you’ll like it.


It’s only a one to one command structure, I haven’t tried doing anything complex like your examples.

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awesome. thanks a bunch. will try it out.

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Thanks for sharing your setup! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use it for ATC :).

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Care to share? :wink: :+1:

You mean my one?

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Yeh, why not? I’d be interested to see what youve done!

Sure I’ll post it after.

Its quite basic i have bound “One” to “1” for example as a way of doing the commands without letting go of stick but also “Acknowledge handoff” as “1” as its always a 1, which automatically opens ATC, says Confirm and closes the ATC box straight after. Like i say quite basic but will post it afterward :).

It also has “Centre Tracking” set to F12 so i can centre the TrackIR camera without leaning forward and pressing F12 as when you lean back it puts the cam back off centre.

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Ah I know what you mean. Because I just went through the keyboard default mappings and made a voice command for each, I think mine can do the same for ATC. The “Centre Tracking” is a good idea, I have that on a yoke button atm.

I’d love to hear what others have done, it’s such a versatile program. Have you heard that HCS Voicepacks are working on putting out a MFS 2020 version? Having used loads of their packs for a few years now with Elite Dangerous, I’m looking forward to see what they release.

Hi, do you still use voiceattack for ATC comms?
Have you any updates to the profile?

I don’t use it for ATC other than to select the line mumber and thus the command and no sorry, I haven’t dome anything further with that .vap profile.

However …

I am working with a dev atm to test his implementation of the Knobster, now made useable for MSFS. Knobster thread and YouTube

This utilizes VoiceAttack to send keypresses to the sim but this time using a specific physical rotary controller called ‘the Knobster’. I’ve been using the Knobster within X-Plane 11 VR and the principle is to say out loud a command, (heading for instance), and this switches the focus of the physical rotary controller to the correct instrument, passing appropriate keystrokes to make the ingame heading bug move left or right, matching the rotation of the Knobster.

In this way, the Knobster can be dynamically changed quickly, to control any mappable instrument or switch within the game. Clearly there are already ways of using existing rotary controllers, but this method is very suitable for VR environments where having a single rotary controller in a fixed memorable position has great advantages over fumbling round with a HMD on!


good post, I was going to ask a similar question. thanks!